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Onion Chopper

Updated on January 1, 2013

Chopping onions without a onion chopper is pointless and time consuming, it´s aslo very frustrating to use knife for chopping onions.Onion chopper does the chopping very fast, if it´s a quality onions chopper.

Onions probably originated from Asia.During 3500 BC onions were one of the very few foods that did not go bad during the winter months.Onions played a very important part in Egyptian culture.The Egyptians worshiped onions and toughed that it symbolises eternity.Of all the vegetables that had their images created from precious metals by Egyptian artists, only the onion was made out of gold.Another interesting fact is that Alexander the Great ordered his troops to eat onions to improve their vitality.In the Middle Ages onions were such an important food to the Europeans that they were used as currency to pay for essentials such as rent and were even given as gifts. In Siberia onions were still used as a form of currency up to the mid-18th Century.Today China, India, the United States, Russian, and Spain are among the leading producers of onions.Americans eat about 20 pounds of onions per year.Just for comparison, Libya consumes about 66 pounds of onions per person per year.

Onions contain quercetin, a flavonoid (one category of antioxidant compounds).Antioxidant vitamins can slow cell destruction by neutralizing free radicals, that can cause cell damage. So basically you age slower if you eat antioxidants and onions contain antioxidants.When you cut onions and tears come out, you should be happy that the onion contains these compounds that make you cry, because the very same compounds may fight cancer.These compounds are called Sulfuric compounds.

Back to onion choppers, when I´m looking for onion chopper I also look at the vegetable chopper, because these two are basically the same.

Really useful onion chopper

 With this onion chopper more time goes peeling the onions than chopping them.This product is as seen on the TV product, usually I avoid these products, but this, this is amazing.It really pleasantly surprised me.If you buy it, the onion chopper includes two different blades, one for onions, and one a bit larger for fruits.So you can switch them easily.I have been a proud owner of this product for about 8 months or so and it seems to be very durable.It is a really useful and helpful kitchen gadget to have around.I highly recommend it.

Progressive onion chopper

It may be more pricey than the progressive onion chopper amazon will recommend to you.In fact this costs up to 2 times as much as the other progressive chopper.So why am I recommending this?Well, answer is simple, this is better.There´s no point buying something that will break ina month, even if that is cheaper.I like high-quality product, even though they are more expensive.Under this review I will have a link to the cheaper one also, if you want to choose that.This product has 4 different blades meaning that this is a vegetable chopper, so you can use it for many other vegetables and fruits as well.Also this product is durable and will last for years.So it´s a great product.

Progressive International Onion Chopper (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
Progressive International Onion Chopper (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

This is the cheaper version, but only has one blade.


Stainless steel onion chopper

 A stainless steel product, this means that this product is very durable and will not rust.Also this onion chopper is dishwasher safe on top shelf.Although it says it is a vegetable chopper, many are complaining that they can´t chop tomatoes with it.Actually tomatoes are fruits, but that has nothing to do with it:).Actually for tomatoes you need to use tomato slicers.But this is a great onion chopper, it will last for a long time and does what it is supposed to do.


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