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The OpenX Dual Blade Universal Package Opener Review

Updated on September 19, 2021
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Brenda is an Ottawa native with a small eBay store. As Treasures by Brenda she sells a variety of new, used and vintage merchandise.

The OpenX Dual Blade Universal Package Opener
The OpenX Dual Blade Universal Package Opener

Suffering From Wrap Rage?

Suffering from wrap rage? Try the OpenX Dual Blade Universal Package Opener, It easily opens clamshell packages.

Let me introduce to you the amazing OpenX Dual Blade Universal Package Opener. It is a handy dandy little gadget that will help you break into those impossibly difficult clamshell packages. It will save you from the dreaded Wrap Rage. For less than $10 you can be spared the torture of breaking into plastic packaging.

If you don't already have a OpenX Dual Blade Universal Package Opener, I personally recommend you get one now. Right now. There is no point in waiting. While you are at it, I would also recommend you buy one for all of the households on your gift-giving list. That is what I did last year when I discovered this handy little kitchen tool. I purchased one for each of the five homes which we ordinarily buy for at Christmas. Imagine the struggling I have saved those families! I am sure that they think of me each and every time they open a clamshell package. (Well, maybe not.)

Anyway, on this page, you will find a bit more about this wonderful tool, more reviews, a few pictures and a simple video about the OpenX Dual Blade Universal Package Opener today.

How Does The OpenX Work?

The OpenX Dual Blade Universal Package Opener opens many types of packaging including plastic tape, plastic wrap, clamshells and cardboard cartons. It is a simple tool with a retractable blade for piercing through the plastic and a sliding blade which you use to slit open the package and which keeps your hands safe while you do so.

I really do like my OpenX. The reviews can be a bit mixed and I strongly encourage you to read them all. Despite what one reviewer said, I find my OpenX far easier to use than scissors or a knife. I am unqualified to speak to how easy or hard this item is to use for a left-handed individual but one reviewer does say that he found it difficult so that might be a consideration for you if you are left-handed.

As one user said, "It works exactly as advertised - and for a very reasonable price - what is there to complain about? You can't buy a knife and a pair of scissors for a whole lot less." I agree plus, I don't know about you, but my success opening those clam shell cases with my scissors was not great (nor was it pretty) and the thought of taking a knife to one is just plain scary.

So be prepared, this tool is not a miracle worker. You are still going to have to work patiently and calmly with it and the clamshell packaging. However, I do think it is easier and safer than the alternative methods. The hardest part at our household is keeping it where it can be found when we need it!

In the past decade, packaging has definitely gotten harder and harder to open.

Wrap Rage has become a huge issue in the last decade.

Have you experienced Wrap Rage?

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The OpenX Easily Opens Clamshell Packages

OpenX | Source

And Tears Through Tough Plastic Wrapping

OpenX | Source

And Cuts Through Packing Tape

OpenX | Source

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A specialized tool that is worth having around. "MUCH better than scissors, knives or perhaps, in desperation, hammers." - JB

Open X Video Demonstration

Short, sweet and to the point, this video does a great job of showing how the OpenX works. (The sound is a bit slow to get started.) It really is as simple as it looks in the video although I would say that it is a two-handed operation done better securely on a flat surface.

The United Kingdom reports 67,000 injuries attributable to struggling with plastic in a one-year period.

OpenX Reviews

I always highly recommend reading user reviews. In the case of the OpenX, you will find that it is not a perfect tool but that it is definitely a helpful one.

A. Lubarsky called it a great stocking stuffer and he was right. If you do present this tool in this manner, make sure you label it 'Open Me First.' For such a handy gadget, it really is reasonably priced.

Dievendorf said quite rightly that this tool can be used for opening many items but what it does best is deal with "those horrible plastic blister packs. You just make a small slit in the plastic packaging with the pop out razor blade, then stick the plastic point into the slit and run the OpenX around the edge of the packaging. There is no need to worry about cutting your fingers while trying to open plastic packaging. I will always have one of these around. Nothing better to have during Christmas and birthday present time."

The perfect stocking stuffer, it is affordable and practical. I recommend buying a bunch and giving them to your extended family at Christmas time.


Cons of the Open X? My only complaint about the OpenX is shown in this picture which Flickr photographer Chris called "Irony."


© 2009 Treasures By Brenda


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