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Orange wines

Updated on September 5, 2014

Do orange wines really exist?

Orange wines get my attention when I was leafing through the magazine. And there was and add about "Festival of orange wines". Interesting. At first I thought that this is some kind of wine with taste and colour of orange. Nevertheless I searched about the orange wine and found that this is actually white wine. And recently became a fourth colour of wine.

Interesting enough for me to share my findings about orange wines with you. So just keep reading more to learn about the fourth colour of wine.

orange wine
orange wine

The fourth colour of wines!

Orange wine is white wine and represents a new category of wines (beside white, red and rose). The name probably got because of its intensive gold-orange colour. This white wine is produced with techniques for red wines. With another words winemakers leave freshly crushed grapes in contact with grape skins for couple of days, weeks or even months.

Orange wines are not new. They were produced by our ancestors but eventually this type of winemaking went into oblivion.

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Orange wine
Orange wine

How orange wine got a colour?

To get an orange colour winemakers separate wine grapes from the stems. Then they put wine grapes into a container and let that autochthonous yeast, those on peel, trigger a fermentation. This process is also known as maceration. In this process grape juice is boiling together with skin and seeds of the grapes. With longer maceration it is drawn more flavor. The skin (and seeds ) contains colour pigmentation and tannins. This is natural preservative which prolongs the life of wine.

Orange wines were not invented just recently however the name "orange wine" it was used a few years ago. Before those wines were known as macerated wines. The pioneers in the production of macerated wines are the winemakers from Collio (Italy). Now orange wine are produced by wine makers in Slovenia, Croatia, France and Germany.

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Orange wine
Orange wine

Organically produced wine

In Slovenian a few wine producers decided to produce wine in a completely organic wine. This means that entire process starting from organic grape production and ending with bottling the finished wine. Although some wine have certificat that they are organic wine it may not be completely true. In some cases the wine production is conventional which means use of enzymes, yeasts, cleaners and sulfur. Therefore the true organic wines are wines that do not use chemicals. And producing orange wines is a way how to produce a organic wine

wine coloures
wine coloures

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    • AnnRadley profile image

      AnnRadley 5 years ago

      Enjoyed your lens - I had never heard of orange wine. Also I'm glad to learn about organic wine

    • Jo-Jackson profile image

      Jo-Jackson 5 years ago

      I haven't come across orange wine before - thanks for the info!

    • floppypoppygift1 profile image

      floppypoppygift1 5 years ago

      What a fascinating lens. I had never heard of this term before, but, then again, I am not a drinker anymore! Nevertheless, I found it quite interesting-thanks for educating me! Cheers~cb

    • Snakesmum profile image

      Jean DAndrea 5 years ago from Victoria, Australia

      When I first saw the lens I thought it was about making an wine from oranges!

      Didn't know there were orange wines. Thanks for visiting one of my lenses.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Thank you for introducing me to a new culinary territory.

    • Fruitfulvine2 profile image

      Fruitfulvine2 5 years ago

      Interesting. I never knew there was orange.

    • profile image

      Thamisgith 5 years ago

      OK - I learned something new here. Never heard of "orange" wine until I read your lens. Thanks for sharing.

    • LynetteBell profile image

      LynetteBell 5 years ago from Christchurch, New Zealand

      Never heard of orange wine...thought I was going to see a recipe to make wine from oranges! lol

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Wow, interesting. newer heared about orange wines before.

    • WriterJanis2 profile image

      WriterJanis2 5 years ago

      This is the first I've heard about orange wines. Thanks for the info.

    • missbat profile image

      missbat 5 years ago

      I never knew there were orange wines. I'll have to check them out. Thanks for sharing this!

    • ninakreativa profile image

      ninakreativa 5 years ago

      This is such a great lens and very good presentation of this type of wines.

    • davidber profile image

      davidber 5 years ago

      The wine I like the most is moscato wine. I have never heard of orange wine. Great lens.

    • profile image

      sandi_x 5 years ago

      I've never heard for orange wines

    • junecampbell profile image

      June Campbell 5 years ago from North Vancouver, BC, Canada

      My other used to make dandelion wine, which was orange. I have not heard of commercial wines being that colour.

    • Lenskeeper profile image

      Lenskeeper 5 years ago

      Nice lens. I didn't know that there were orange wines!