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Organic Chocolate Chips in Bulk | Organic Chocolate Chips for Sale

Updated on October 7, 2012

Organic Chocolate Chips in Bulk | Organic Chocolate Chips for Sale

Humm ! My one stop for organic chocolate chips is this website here. They sell by the pound and offer very fast shipping in the United States. This is definitely the ultimate destination to buy organic chocolate chips in bulk, but you will find also every kind of nut, dry fruit and candy that you can think of.

Organic Chocolate Chips for Sale : 2 web shopping adresses :


and also :

organic chocolate chips
organic chocolate chips

Organic Chocolate Chips

What is Organic, anyway ?

The first (and easiest) place to look for a trustworthy definition is with the dictionary. The website describes organic as:

"11. pertaining to, involving, or grown with fertilizers or pesticides of animal or vegetable origin, as distinguished from manufactured chemicals: organic farming; organic fruits.[...]"

There were 14 points in that dictionary definition, and only ONE of those 14 points was related to food. Organic can mean a lot of thing - but what does organic mean for food ?

This is the definition given on the NutsOnline website :

"Many people ask what does organic really mean? Organic means that fruits, nuts, seeds or other ingredients are grown without the use of any pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, genetically modified organisms, sewage sludge, or ionizing radiation. For meat, poultry, or eggs to be considered organic, the animals must not have been fed antibiotics or growth hormones. "

They even go further in their explanation and explain how "organic" applies to dried fruits and nuts :

"People sometimes mistakenly think that organic dried fruits or nuts cannot be considered organic if they contain anything other than just the dried fruit or nut. However, this assumption is false. Dried fruit or nuts that are processed in an organic certified facility using other organic ingredients are still considered organic. For example, our organic strawberries contain in addition to the organically grown and certified strawberries, organic cane sugar and organic canola oil. Since all of these added items are grown organically, the strawberries are still considered organic. "

Organic Chocolate Chips Ingredients

How can chocolate be organic ? ALL the ingredients in the chocolate MUST be organic.


Organic sugar

Organic chocolate liquor

Organic cocoa butter

Organic soy lecithin

Organic vanilla

Avoid stroring chocolates in the refrigerator
Avoid stroring chocolates in the refrigerator

How to Store Chocolate

store your organic chocolate chips

Store in a cool (60-70° F / 15 -21° C) , dark, dry place away from items that have a strong smell, such as peppermint for example. Chocolate has a tendency to absorb other odors.

It is better to not store chocolate in the refrigerator or the freezer. That being said, I live most of the year in Mexico, and it is impossible to leave chocolate out in the summer. I have to put it in the fridge or else I will have to lick the melted chocolate out of the wrapping...

If you put chocolate in the fridge or freezer, let it get back to room temperature before eating to get all the most of the taste.

Milk chocolate can can be store this way more than a year and dark chocolate can be kept for years. (yes, years !)

Sometimes chocolate will start showing white or gray looking "clouds" on its surface. This just means that the cocoa butter has started separate. While it doesn't look very pretty, there is no problem eating the chocolate and if you plan on melting it, it will be impossible to know the difference.

Organic Chocolate Covered Cacao Nibs
Organic Chocolate Covered Cacao Nibs

Organic Chocolate Covered Cacao Nibs

Organic Chocolate Covered Cacao Nibs

All natural organic dark chocolate covered cacao nibs. Packed with antioxidants and great taste this makes for an awesome treat. Nature's chocolate chip covered in chocolate!


Organic cacao nibs, organic cacao liquor, organic raw cane sugar, natural sunflower lecithin.


Natural vs. Organic

Natural and Organic, It's not the same thing ?

People usually confuse organic products with natural products. Natural and organic do not mean the same thing.

Although natural products may not contain any additives or preservatives, it does not mean that they are organic. They can be all natural, but contain products that are not grown or produced organically.

Don't Let Manufacturers Mislead You

Although there are regulations in place, at least in certain countries, over the use of the term organic on labelling, it can still be misleading. For example, organic doesn't necessarily mean that the products are locally grown, or that the food is more nutritious (though there is evidence to suggest that avoiding the ingestion of chemical pesticides/ fertilizers is better for our health).

Similarly, don't be misled by terms such as "natural" or "healthy" - these don't come with strict standards like the term "organic". In short, they mean absolutely nothing. A "natural" beauty product could still be full of harmful chemicals.

It isn't always easy to know what's good for our health or the environment, but asking questions like "what does organic mean?" will definitely set you off in the right direction.

organic sugar cacao nibs
organic sugar cacao nibs

Organic Sugar Cacao Nibs - Superfood

it's like chocolate chips, but stripped down to pure cacao

Sweet, crunchy and all natural. You've never had chocolate like this before! Your chocolate chips CANNOT get anymore healthy than the pure cacao nibs.

Cacao has more antioxidants than red wine or green tea. It's loaded with brain-boosting energy lifting nutrients.

We take pure chunks of cacao and drizzle them with a coating of organic cane juice for a healthy uplifting treat. Instead of coffee or tea, try a handful of nibs for an uplifting dose of antioxidants from the original chocolate chip.

Chocolate Chip Melting

Chocolate chips are harder to melt. They are chocolates made for baking, they are ment to keep their form with the heat.

They are very convenient, but not the best to work with when you want melted chocolate.

Sunspire Organic Chocolate Chips - Who knew there could be so many kinds of organic chocolate chips !

SunSpire was founded in 1979 and they take pride in their chocolate products : NO artificial colors, NO artiflavors, preservatives or additives, using only the highest quality ingredients.

Sunspire organic chocolate chips nutrition facts :

* All Natural - No Artificial Flavors, Colors or Preservatives

* No Hydrogenated Oils

* Our Organic Chocolates Support Chemical-Free, Sustainable Agriculture

* Natural Alternative Sweeteners: Malted Grains, Organic Sugar, Dried Cane Juice & Molasses

* Cholesterol Free

* Non-Dairy Varieties


* Kosher OU-D

SunSpire Chocolate Chips, Organic, Semi-Sweet, 9 oz, (pack of 3)
SunSpire Chocolate Chips, Organic, Semi-Sweet, 9 oz, (pack of 3)

These are the best sellers of all the organic chocolate chips from SunSpire. If you are familiar with the chocolate chips from Sunspire, you have probably tasted these ones already.

Sunspire Organic Bittersweet Chocolate Baking Chips, 9 Ounce -- 12 per case.
Sunspire Organic Bittersweet Chocolate Baking Chips, 9 Ounce -- 12 per case.

Organic 65% Cacao Bittersweet Chips, Fair Trade

Only grown, harvested and produced using fair labor practices and no harmful chemicals or pesticides.

SunSpire Fair Trade White Chocolate Chips, 10 Ounce
SunSpire Fair Trade White Chocolate Chips, 10 Ounce

These are the only white chocolate chips on the market that are free of trans fats.


Organic Chocolate Chips Cookies - the origines of chocolate chips

We can see chocolate chips used everywhere : pancakes, waffles, cakes, pudding, muffins, crêpes, pies, hot chocolate, and various types of pastry. We can also find them in many other retail food products such as granola bars, ice cream, and trail mix.

But chocolate chips were invented for chocolate chips cookies.

Chocolate chip cookies were invented in 1933 Ruth Graves Wakefield of the Toll House Inn. They used chopped chocolate bars and added them to a cookie recipe.

In 1939, they made them into little "chips" and started selling them this way.

I was blown away by the selection of organic chocolate cookies available on amazon. Look at the complete list here : organic chocolate chips cookies Amazon

These cookies here from Pamela's has almost 100 reviews ! Always read reviews from Amazon before ordering from the internet.

Pamela's Products Gluten Free Simplebites Mini Cookies, Chocolate Chip, 7 Ounce (Pack of 6)
Pamela's Products Gluten Free Simplebites Mini Cookies, Chocolate Chip, 7 Ounce (Pack of 6)

Pamela's products simplebites extreme chocolate mini cookies are all natural, wheat-free, gluten-free with 0 g Trans fat.

Pamela's mini cookies are a wonderful addition to our scrumptious line of traditional and organic cookies, crunchy biscotti, and our five fast, easy and delicious baking mixes.

Pamela's Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies are the perfect size for snacking; you'll have a hard time stopping with just one! You can also use the mini cookies for making great desserts.


$$ Organic Chocolate Chips Price $$

Why is organic chocolate more expensive than non-organic ?

The production cost in higher. Organically grown means that the farmers are not using insecticides, hormones or chemicals. The producers are working harder because they are not cheating !

Organic foods are more regulate and require more management. Organic chocolate costs more to make, so we will have to pay a little more.

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