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Five organic teas that will make your day

Updated on May 20, 2015

Five organic teas that will make your day

There are organic produces that can be grown in your garden or can be collected from the wild forests as well. If you have available plants like Mint, Peppermint, Nettle, bamboo and lemongrass you can make good use of them such as to make good tasteful teas. If you do not have the availability still you can look for the dry leaves by buying from your nearest retail shops or from online ecommerce sites. Dry leaves are available with many online stores sites I am also having such one from where you can buy them at any time. Basically the teas made of these plant leaves boost your energy level and happen to be very beneficial for your health.

Best use of these plants in making tea can be availed by boiling their dried leaves. Get the leaves cut from the plant and let them get dried not directly under the sun but in an open place where sun rays are not falling directly on the leaves throughout the day. Find a place which is open from sides but gives protection from sun rays. A shed like arrangements which is open from all side would be a good way to do so. Keep adequate space between each leaf so as to pass the air properly which will help them to get dried at earliest. Let them dry for 4 to 5 days. When they get dried, crush them and pack them for storage for future use. Though in winter season when the sun does not shine brightly leaves can be put under Sun light directly for few hours to get them dried.

In the season when the plants are green and full of leaves adopt above process to prepare dried leaves. So even in the off season teas can be prepared from the dried leaves. To make tea use one or two spoons of any of the stuff, add water to it and boil for 5 to 7 minutes. Either you can make tea of a single stuff or by mixing of more than two herbs. You can add the sugar and enjoy it either hot or get it cooled or whatever way you would prefer to consume it. You can mix lemon grass and nettle and add few leaves of mint to make a mint flavored nettle-lemon grass tea as well. Lemongrass and peppermint can be mixed to make tasteful tea. Be careful about the quantity of nettle leaves particularly in summer. In winter season even a greater amount won’t affect at all.

Stinging Nettle leaf tea is good to strengthen your immune system, to boost energy level and some folks even claim that it cures cancer as well. Lemon grass helps in digestion while people say that it cures high blood pressure also. Mint is used popularly for curing stomach ache, many kinds of abdominal problems, cleaning of teeth and controlling of bad breath. Like mint Peppermint also has similar benefits for teeth and controlling of bad breath, good for curing Tuberculosis and curing allergic rhinitis or hay fever. Bamboo leaf tea is very helpful to increase beauty of skin and in maintaining good health. These all benefits though have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration but are based on the conception and experiments of people having expertise in medicinal plants and Ayurveda,

Above benefits have been claimed by the local folks as well who have been using them for years. These medicinal uses have been imparted to them by their ancestors. Some people day that nettle is used to make vegetable as well along with horse gram. But vegetable is advised only for the winter season while tea can be used in any season including summer too. The additional benefits of theses teas surges due to the stuff being organic. So if you grow them in your garden ensure that you go for the organic gardening only to get their maximum benefit for health.

While plucking the fresh nettle leaf extra precautions are needed to handle its fresh leaves. As fresh leaf of stinging nettle as name itself suggests, it stings the skin fiercely. You must have some good gloves and scissor to cut down the leaves. Once the leaves are well dried in few days they are no more harmful for the skin. And can be handled manually but still precaution is needed while handling it with bare hands. There are no such precautions needed with rest of the other teas while handling them.


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