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pancake recipe for champions

Updated on January 12, 2011

What will be need for general/regular recipe: 10.6 oz. of Bisquick shake and pour, any type of granola, i prefer either Kashi or Cascadian Farms brand (with berries optional), butter and water. Fill the Bisquick bottle (yellow) about 1/3 with granola to your best guesstimate. Shake around to mix units evenly. Then pour in water until the mix is the texture of tomato sauce. Butter cooking pan and pour wet mix to desired size. Use medium range heat.

In general these pancakes will have more protein, nutrients and fiber then regular pancakes. Which is provided mostly by the granola.

Since it will have a richer taste, using syrup is not the only option. Honey, light cream and fruits will do well as a topping or lubricant.

Another type using the same dry ingredients is a protein power pancake. Basically using whey protein of ones favorite flavors. In this case it is best to have the whey powder in liquid form (mixed in water). Chopped nuts, no more than 1/2 cup are optional. Use same method, instead of water mix in the whey. The mix should be somewhat thick and cooked at a lower temperature. It is also a option to bake it. Either way butter surfaces and it should be cooked low so it won't burn since it is thicker. Depending on your cooking surface it may be harder to flip or get off, may stick. Non-stick pans are a good option but should still butter the surface. Afterwards, if toppings are wanted you can use anything.

The usage of my recipe is free and no patent. A reward is an option if wanted but not required.


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    • Glenn Raymond profile image

      Glenn Raymond 7 years ago from Bailey, Colorado

      I love food, and this sounds very good. I will have to get my wife to whip some up. I know she will love them also. Thank You.