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pasta boat

Updated on August 3, 2010

Pasta Boat as seen on tv

So I was watching the tv and saw a new commercial for a new Telebrands as seen on tv product called the Pasta Boat.  The Pasta Boat is similar to any other pasta cooker but instead of having to boil water on the stove you can boil it in the microwave and cook your pasta in the microwave.  At first I wasn't impressed and didn't really think that the Pasta Boat was anything special, but when I started to actually think about how it could be used and who would use the Pasta Boat as seen on tv Pasta Cooker, it clicked. 

I remember when I was first living on my own and had roommates.  I worked odd hours and would be up at night.  One of my favorite foods to make was a buffalo chicken spaghetti (I still make it today).  Boiling water and digging around for my pasta pot that has a straining lid was noisey and it was almost impossible to be quiet trying to get it out from under the sink where we kept our pots and pans.  Since the Pasta Boat is made of plastic I think it would eliminate all the noise from metal banging against everything.  The next thing that I really liked was that the Pasta Boat as seen on tv pasta cooker uses the microwave which in the infomercial is supposed to stop the water from overflowing when it gets to hot like it does on the stove. 

When I make my pasta I season it and add in sea salt or kosher salt.  The spices and salt overflow and make a mess on my counter which drives me crazy.  I hate having to watch it.  To have the pasta be able to cook without having to check on it to make sure it isn't overflowing is awesome for me.  Especially since I won't have a mess to clean up with afterwards. 

The next person that I think would definitely benefit from the Pasta Boat is the college student or boarding school student who doesn't have a kitchen or is not allowed to have cookware besides a microwave in their dorm rooms. 

Burners and torches are dangerous and fire hazzards.  Because most dorms and boarding schools do have microwaves and the Pasta Boat cooks pasta in the microwave, it is perfect for students and people who live in dorms.  Now instead of living off of mnicrowaveable burgers and popcorn they can boil fresh pasts noodles and use their favorite sauce to create even more meals without having to have a burner or torch.  This is the perfect invention and thing to buy for back to school and students who are allowed to have or have access to microwaves. 

So what else is the Pasta Boat As Seen On TV Pasta Cooker good for.  On the side of the Pasta Boat you have a ring that helps to measure servings.  The lid is able to help you strain out the water to make it easier to cook and lessens the chance of you burning yourself trying to strain by pouring the water into another bowl or strainer and since it comes in an plastic bowl you can either serve right from it or easily eat right from the pasta boat bowl. You can also cook pasta then chill it in the fridge and when it comes out you can add in mayo or salad dressings and make pasta salads right in the Pasta Boat.  It is pretty amazing the amount of pasta dishes you can make with it right in your microwave. 

The next thing that is cool about the Pasta Boat is that it comes with a rack for you to steam veggies.  This lets you make baked potatoes, steamed brussel sprouts (which is one of my new favorites with butter, garlic and sea salt), carrots and all the other vegetables your parents wish you would eat more of.

The pasta boat is an awesome new as seen on tv product and one that I am definitely in love with.  If I wasn't hooked on my new obsession with roasting then this would be my top priority product.  I recently bought the 5 in 1 slicer and will be reviewing it soon.  I made some fabulous cajun potatoe chips and rosemary and garlic chips with it and love it to death.  If you have a Pasta Boat and want to share how you use it or like it, please feel free to leave a comment below. 


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    • profile image

      Karen 6 years ago

      I'm enjoying mine as well. I made adjustments to the timing as I like my pasta al dente , but that was no problem at all. I have a small microwave, and it didn't fit well using the turntable inside the microwave, so I just removed the turntable and that worked out just fine. The clean-up is a breeze too. I haven't used the steamer rack yet, but I will probably try that this week.