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Pretty Pewter Wine Stoppers

Updated on October 21, 2014

Pewter Stoppers for Your Wines or for Gifts

While I was vacationing with my husband in Colorado Wine Country, we found this very cute ducky pewter stopper. We had been visiting the various vineyards and tasting rooms of Palisade, a small town on Colorado's Western Slope and stumbled on a lovely selection of wine toppers and paraphernalia in one of the gift shops alongside a wine tasting room, with many items we hadn't seen before anywhere else. That's where we saw this pewter duck and realized it would be perfect for us.

It's so nice for us to have a pretty and reusable wine cork to put in our wine bottle after it has been opened.

You too can have a wine stopper with a pewter topper like the duck, or another cute animal or symbol. Use one of these pretty wine corks that I have chosen especially for this hub to keep your reds and whites preserved and ready for the table. See below for some of my suggested stoppers made of pewter.

Any one of these wine corks would make a nice gift too! Just try to pick the stopper that is appropriate for the particular person who will be receiving the gift. For example, your dog loving friend may like a dog on top of his wine bottle, while your yachting friend might prefer a boat or a mermaid.

Throughout this hub I have selected decorative wine bottle stoppers made of pewter in various themes such as animals, nautical, grape clusters, Christmas, winter, celebratory and simply unique!

Wine Bottle on Red by Susan Winget


Wine Bottle on Red - Art Print by Susan Winget

You may purchase this poster from

Wine Bottle Stoppers with an Animal Theme

Animal themes have adorned household items for ages. So animals perched on top of wine bottles are no exception.

In this set of pretty pewter wine stoppers, I offer a variety of animals including pets and the wild animals of nature. There is a duck (of course!), a butterfly, a moose, cats, dogs, and a number of other fun animals.

A Dog and a Moose Top These Pewter Stoppers for Wine Bottles

Here is another example of how your serving pieces can be personalized to you. Your favorite household pet dog or a moose from the wild forests - can decorate the top of your wine bottles. Why not?

The Pewter Moose Cork can Grace Your Wine Bottle - Brass Antlers Too!

Moose w/ Brass Antlers Pewter Bottle Stopper
Moose w/ Brass Antlers Pewter Bottle Stopper

* has a synthetic cork

* has a chain with a pewter ring which slips over a bottle's neck.


More Cute Animals Decorate These Pewter Toppers

You'll find a rooster and elephant on top of these animal themed pewter stoppers

Would You Use a Pewter Wine Stopper ?

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Grape Vines and Other Floral Themed Wine Bottle Stoppers

Wine starts as grapes in the vineyards, so here I have selected pineapples, grape clusters and grape vines to top this next set of pewter wine stoppers. The pineapple is just a fun ornament that follows my love of all things tropical.

Honor the Grapes with These Pewter Wine Stoppers

All of these wine stoppers are topped by bunches or clusters of grapes.

A Pewter Bunch of Grapes on a Cork that is Hand Painted

Hand Painted Grapevine Pewter Wine Bottle Stopper
Hand Painted Grapevine Pewter Wine Bottle Stopper

This is a richly detailed grape cluster stopper for your wine bottles

* Made of Pewter with Wine Safe Cork


More Wine Bottle Stoppers for Special Occasions and Every Day

In this next set, I have chosen wine bottle stoppers including those with nautical themes, Christmas and winter themed items and the latest offerings decorative pewter wine corks on eBay.

Nautical Themes Adorn these Pewter Bottle Toppers

Ships, lighthouses, shells and mermaids adorn these nautical themed wine corkers

Epic Products Sailboat Pewter Bottle Stopper, 3.25-Inch
Epic Products Sailboat Pewter Bottle Stopper, 3.25-Inch

This Sailboat Bottle Stopper is in solid pewter and is made to fit standard 750 ml bottles as well as most other bottle sizes

* Includes chain and ring to keep the stopper with the bottle

* Wine Safe Cork


Cool Pewter Wine Corks on eBay

You never know what type of wine bottle corks, stoppers and ornaments will show up on eBay. You can often find items that are vintage, antique or simply no longer available at other stores. Here are the latest offerings for today.

"Let's Celebrate" Etched Pewter Wine Cork

Here's a wine bottle topper that is suitable for any celebration!

Epic 20-156 Lucid Metallic Grapevine Design with "Let's Celebrate" Bottle Stopper
Epic 20-156 Lucid Metallic Grapevine Design with "Let's Celebrate" Bottle Stopper

* Solid Pewter tops this Wine Bottle Cork

* Wine Safe Cork

* Includes Chain and Loop to Keep It With the Right Bottle


Fun Christmas and Winter Themed Pewter Wine Toppers

The stoppers below have a Christmas or winter theme. You may see a Santa, a snowflake or a Christmas tree among other items in this section.

More Paraphernalia for Serving Wine at Home

This final section of the lens offers a few very elegant corkscrews and bottle openers made of pewter that I think you will like.

There is also a nifty barrel cage to hold the wine corks you pull from your bottles. Fun, huh! And if you save your wine corks, there are a number of craft projects that may interest you, such as making a trivet for serving hot pots at your dining table.

Uncork Your Wines with Pewter Corkscrew Gnome

This pewter gnome corkscrew for wine bottles will beautifully complement your pewter stoppers no matter what the theme.

Hold Your Corks in A Decorative Barrel Cork Holder

Wine Barrel Cork Cage
Wine Barrel Cork Cage

This wine barrel cork cage, dotted with multi-colored glass accents, is very cleverly crafted from metal.

* oversized to hold a huge number of corks

* soft patina finish

* perfect gift for you or a friend


Thank You for Looking at These Pewter Wine Stoppers

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