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Plomari - The birthplace of the finest Greek ouzo

Updated on September 10, 2014

Introducing the island of Lesvos

"A ship adorned with flowers", a quote by Stratis Myrivilis that perfectly characterizes the full essence of Lesvos, a beautiful bloomy Greek island located in the North East part of the Aegean Sea.

Actually, the natural wonders of Lesvos inspired many artists who, "drunk" by the scents, colors and tastes dominating the island, became its best promotion. From the very first time someone arrives to Lesvos feels a pleasantly seductive feeling getting over his body and soul; a calm energy evident everywhere around the landscapes surrounding the island.

From Spring till mid of Autumn Lesvos is an ideal place to visit, especially for those seeking quality and an essence of aristocracy. Spring is probably the best season to visit Lesvos, because it's the period when all nature blossoms with seductive scents of flowers and citrus transforming the visiting experience into an orgasmic liberation of senses. It's the perfect period to visit Plomari, the birthplace of the finest Greek Ouzo!

the place where Ouzo tastes better !!!

Plomari Lesvos Greece
Plomari Lesvos Greece

Plomari is definitely one of the best places to taste ouzo, one of the most popular and traditional alcohol in Greece. When the weather starts becoming calmer and more gentle, with the sun beams creating an easy feeling atmosphere, this is when you will see the first tables of the local taverns being put on the sides of the picturesque pavements of Plomari, where you can listen to the humming of the birds celebrating the regeneration of nature while the rest of your senses try to de-code all this beauty of Plomari.

Plomari is the place where the finest and most popular ouzo in Greece is being produced and is the second largest settlement of the island. It is located on the North seaside of Lesvos and it is a place enhanced with great tradition and past glory in the sectors of merchandising and early industrial revolution.

The ruins prove the great industrial history of Plomari
The ruins prove the great industrial history of Plomari

Therefore, in Plomari you will see many old industrial buildings that once used to be olive oil mills, soap factories and small and medium sized ship yards. Nowadays, Plomari is a great tourist destination, famous for its finest local products as well as for its architecture.

But when you start counting on the positive things of Plomari, soon you will realize that the positive aspects of this place are countless, therefore the best way is to enjoy your every moment to the maximum and of the best ways is to enjoy the delicious local cuisine, mostly based on fresh fish and seafood tapas, always accompanied by the world famous Greek ouzo.

Barbayanni Ouzo is one of the finest Greek Ouzo
Barbayanni Ouzo is one of the finest Greek Ouzo

Ouzo is a beloved daily routine in Lesvos. When you will visit this beautiful island, you will soon realize that from the afternoon, locals gather at the cafes and the local taverns where they socialize, laugh, criticize, fight over their ideas … with frequent breaks in order to refill their glasses with ouzo that will cheer up even further the conversations.

By watching this delightful practice of the islanders you can easily understand why philosophy did develop so much over the centuries in Greece, socializing and discussing is simply built deeply in the DNA of the Greeks. In order to be able to produce philosophy you need firstly to satisfy your hunger, taste and scents ... and the small dishes accompanying ouzo are definitely mouth watering in the way they look, but the truth is that the taste even better!

'Ouzo Museum' in Plomari... - Some interesting information

'Ouzo Museum' in Plomari built by the family Barbayanni
'Ouzo Museum' in Plomari built by the family Barbayanni

Ouzo became very popular in Greece especially from the late 19th Century, and Plomari became one of the earliest forefronts of this delicious Greek alcohol. Here in Plomari, you can visit the famous ‘Ouzo Museum’ built by one of the leading ouzo producing companies; the company that produces Barbayanni Ouzo for more than 150 years now.

Next to the modern, privately owned distilleries that produce for almost two centuries now Barbayanni Ouzo, one of the finest Greek ouzo labels, you will find the ‘Ouzo Museum’.

The museum exhibits the first tools that were used for bottling and pasting the famous Blue label and the first cauldron that was constructed in 1858 in Istanbul, in which were tested secrets and techniques of centuries and eventually in this cauldron the world famous recipe of the family was matured and eventually led to the finest Barbayanni Ouzo production. The ‘Ouzo Museum’ is definitely a place that you must visit in order to see from close the history of Barbayanni Ouzo and how it evolved through these more than 150 years and turning into one of the finest Greek ouzo!

The historic stamp of the founder of  the Barbayanni Ouzo, Eustathios Barbayanni who founded the company in 1860
The historic stamp of the founder of the Barbayanni Ouzo, Eustathios Barbayanni who founded the company in 1860

The ‘Ouzo Museum’ is located in Plomari Lesvos, in front of the Barbayanni family distilleries (1st km of the provincial road Plomari – Mytilene, direction towards Agios Isidoros). You can get there either by taxi or bus. If you have a car, you will be pleased to find out that there is a spacious parking space FREE of charge!

The entry to the museum is also FREE of charge and there is the possibility for touring of the museum (large groups) by an experienced tour guide in Swedish, Danish and German after contacting the museum’s administration office. The Museum is open daily 09.00 – 16.00

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