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Popovers Recipe and Meal Ideas

Updated on April 22, 2017

Popovers: A Family Dinner Favorite

To make a regular dinner more appetizing, I'll bake some easy to make popovers to get the family excited about sitting down together for our supper. Popovers do the trick every time. Much like the unsweetened base of cream puffs these substitutes for heavy dinner rolls can be served with many variations:

But, wait...

Popovers can be served with other meals. too. Read on to get the recipe and ideas for other serving options.

Images on this article are my own, shared as public domain, or a merged creation of both by me, unless otherwise noted.

Easy, very few ingredients

and you'll only need to to raid your pantry and fridge to make this classy and delicious addition to your family dinner.

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Important Preparations before making Popovers

Easy, very few ingredients, and you'll only need to to raid your pantry and fridge to make this classy and delicious addition to your family dinner.

Beyond the ingredients, you will need need.

* 2 cupcake pans

* a mixer (or a whisk and really good arm muscles)

* a mixing bowl (I have and like a 6 cup non-skid style batter pouring bowl, and would include one on this page if I could find one)

* if you prefer not to use a cooking oil spray, a pastry brush to liberally grease the pan with margarine or butter


  • 4 eggs
  • 1 1/3 cup milk
  • 4 tablespoons butter or margarine (oleo)
  • 1 to 1 1/3 all-purpose flour
  • 1 teaspoon salt (optional)
  • Oil Spray like Pam


  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees
  2. Prepare cupcake pans by very generously applying oil spray on top and inside cups.
  3. Beat eggs at medium speed until frothy in mixing or batter bowl.
  4. Beat in milk and melted butter.
  5. Add flour and optional salt lowly and beat. Stop adding flour when batter consistency is similar to runny pancake batter.
  6. Pour better into well greased cups 2/3 full for overblown popover or 1/2 full for rounded cupcake size popovers.
  7. Bake for 30 minutes.
  8. Cut slits in top of each popover and continue baking for 5 minutes. (if you prefer a wetter inside texture like Yorkshire Pudding, skip this step)
  9. Remove from oven and allow to cool enough to remove from pans without tearing. If needed pinch down into side to remove in one piece.
  10. Place in basket lined with linen napkin or kitchen towel over preheated bread basket stone like featured below. Cover with remaining towel or napkin.

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Keep your Popovers and dinner breads warm

JBK Terra Cotta 5 x 3 Inch Bread Warmer Tile
JBK Terra Cotta 5 x 3 Inch Bread Warmer Tile

Heat this bread warming tile in your oven to keep your Popovers toasty warm.

I've selected the tile only since I prefer to use my own basket and a clean kitchen towel. If you like you can buy a complete bread warming basket just click the product link to start a quick search.

Warm, yummy Popovers in a Basket
Warm, yummy Popovers in a Basket | Source

Here's how my Family likes their Popovers served for Dinner

I like them plain

My husband likes to dip them in Gravy

My kids like to slather them with butter or margarine

These are just a few ideas of the ways Popovers can be served. There as so many ways these bread-like creations can be enjoyed. See below for a few more options.

Popover Image generously shared with some rights reserved via Creative Commons 2.0 by seanmcmenemy

More Meal Ideas featuring Popovers

Popover Sandwich
Popover Sandwich | Source


Me and the kids like to dust leftover popovers with Cinnamon and Sugar

More Breakfast ideas yet to try: Powdered sugar, Brown sugar, Icing, or Cinnamon with raw or sugar substitutes. Oooh, or another reason to use low fat and low calorie Nutella!


For the adults, or food curious kids, try Chicken Salad, Tuna salad, Waldorf salad. Yum! For kids who like the usual fare try popovers with peanut butter and jelly, melted cheese, or with chicken tenders instead of french fries.


The possibilities are endless, but I'm think a huge Cream Puff, or Fruit-filled pastry with real whip cream. Or maybe a Cream-filled pastry with Fruit drizzled on top. Hhhmmm. How about ICE CREAM!

Popover Lunch image generously shared with some rights reserved by xiaoyinli via Creative Commons 2.0

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My 30 year-old copy of my favorite Cook Book - That plastic paperclip is almost as old as the book.

My father gave this to me for the 1st Christmas after my wedding.  He had it and thought I would enjoy cooking some of the recipes he discovered.
My father gave this to me for the 1st Christmas after my wedding. He had it and thought I would enjoy cooking some of the recipes he discovered.

Cook with more Great Recipes

The Good Housekeeping Illustrated Cookbook
The Good Housekeeping Illustrated Cookbook

Easy to follow classic and new recipes with fabulous photos almost good enough to eat.

Another Bonus is the illustrations of ingredients, cooking preparation, and pages and pages of different food categories.

This my favorite cook book. Vintage 1980 and apparently other buyers on Amazon prefer this book compared to the newer versions. I'll go along with that since my will be willed to my most appreciative child or grandchild.

Secret: The above recipe is from this book with a couple of modifications.

I didn't have enough custard cups to follow it exactly. As stated above, I prefer a cupcake tin anyway.


What is your favorite meal with popovers?

Any roast is ours, but as mentioned earlier, we'd eat them all day.

Do you add something else not listed above?

Have you had them for Breakfast, Lunch or Dessert?

Anyone can leave a comment below, so please do.

How else do you enjoy your Popovers? - Love them, like them, or hate 'em, all comments are welcome.

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    • Candle Reviews profile image

      Candle Reviews 2 years ago

      I love popovers! I haven't had them in a while, but want to make them real soon. They are a fun treat to have, and I truly miss them. I first had one long ago at an old department store that is no longer in business, in California. My mom, sister and I would go there and get a popover. They were huge, and truly incredible and tasty. So glad you and your family like them. I got a kick out of the different ways they like eat them. I like butter, and a little bit of jelly or jam sometimes.

    • Merrci profile image

      Merry Citarella 3 years ago from Oregon's Southern Coast

      These look like fun!