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Pop Tarts vs. Toaster Strudels

Updated on December 30, 2010

Toaster Strudels vs Pop Tarts - The Fierce Toaster Breakfast Debate

Pop Tarts vs. Toaster Struedels

They're simple, they're tasty, and they're insanely delicious. Toaster Strudels and Pop Tarts have been feeding the hungry mouths of teenagers, snackers, and college students alike for decades. They both share some type of fruit filling or sometimes chocolate, and are an easy way to make breakfast fast. They've been a staple in many American households for a quick before school breakfast, and they aren't that expensive, either. The real question isn't are they delicious, it's which one is better? The Toaster Strudel or the Pop Tart? Weigh in here with your side on the debate, tell us your favorite flavor, or tell off the competitor here!

POP TARTS VS TOASTER STRUDELS! - Which is your favorite toastable breakfast pastry, and why? Tell us here!

Don't hold back, people. This is your time to get angry. Stand up for your Pop Tart! Defend your beloved Toaster Strudel! Tell the world which one is the better toastable breakfast treat, and give good reason!

Pop Tarts vs. Toaster Struedels

Toaster Strudel vs. Pop Tarts Commercial - Toaster Strudel's dis on Pop Tarts

Toaster Strudel goes below the belt on this one, and even delivers this commercial in Spanish!

The average price of a single Pop Tart is .29 on Amazon, versus $3.19 in grocery stores (you can't buy Toaster Strudels online), putting them at around .40 each. The better deal, clearly, is Pop Tarts.

It all comes down to which ones you eat more. Vote below on the product you eat more of!

Which product do you eat more of, Pop Tarts or Toaster Strudel?

See results

Official Pop Tarts Links - Links to find more information on Pop Tarts

Find out more about the famous Kellogg's Pop Tarts here!

Which brand has the best variety of flavors?

See results

The texture and filling are really what set these two apart...

Which product has the better texture?

See results

Some of the Most Eaten Pop Tarts Ever - Popular Pop Tarts flavors and varieties

Here are some of the most popular Pop Tarts flavors, all available on You can find a great selection here that probably isn't available in your local grocery store.

Pop-Tarts Breakfast Toaster Pastries, Frosted Cookies and Creme Flavored, 21.1 oz (12 Count)(Pack of 6)
Pop-Tarts Breakfast Toaster Pastries, Frosted Cookies and Creme Flavored, 21.1 oz (12 Count)(Pack of 6)

Combine the taste of an Oreo and a Pop Tart to make the ultimate Cookies and Cream Pop Tart!

Pop-Tarts, Frosted Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, 12-Count Tarts (Pack of 6)
Pop-Tarts, Frosted Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, 12-Count Tarts (Pack of 6)

Craving the taste of a cookie in the morning? Try one of these chocolate chip cookie dough Pop Tarts available on Amazon! Click through to read reviews and details.


The Original Pop Tart: Strawberry - Unfrosted Kellogs Strawberry Pop Tarts

Kellog's Pop Tarts started with the classic strawberry, then branched out with their other unique flavors like Cinnamon Roll and Smores. This is the flavor that started the sensation! Go ahead and try the classic taste of a strawberry Pop Tart, and tell me that it isn't pure awesomeness.

Pop-Tarts Breakfast Toaster Pastries, Unfrosted Strawberry Flavored, Bulk Size, 96 Count (Pack of 12, 14.7 oz Boxes)
Pop-Tarts Breakfast Toaster Pastries, Unfrosted Strawberry Flavored, Bulk Size, 96 Count (Pack of 12, 14.7 oz Boxes)

Six essential vitamins and minerals, no trans fat, and a quick, easy way to toast up a hot breakfast. Pop Tarts are also much cheaper when ordered online!

strawberry toaster strudels
strawberry toaster strudels


Delicious aspects of the this flaky toaster pastry from Pilsbury

If you haven't had a toaster strudel, you're missing out on:

* A flaky, bakery style crust that warms up beautifully in the toaster

* A real jam filling that tastes delicious, albeit very hot, when toasted

* Individual frosting packets to spread on the Toaster Strudel, so you can decorate it as you please

* Flavors like strawberry, blueberry, and even Toaster Scrambles.

Toaster Strudels, with some sort of blue colored frosting.

Toaster Strudels, with some sort of blue colored frosting.
Toaster Strudels, with some sort of blue colored frosting.

Pop Tarts vs.Toaster Strudel Links - The toaster breakfast debate continues on these other pages!

Come to find out, this page isn't the only one on the web that's hosted the Pop Tarts vs. Toaster Strudels debate. Here's a few other places that have dipped into the feud.

Let's face it, if you haven't had a Pop Tart, can you really call yourself an American? The Pop Tart is a breakfast staple for millions of Americans for its convenience and taste. Pop Tarts:

* Come in many different flavors like strawberry, blueberry, frosted strawberry, Smores, and more.

* Have a unique fruit filling that doesn't overheat when toasted.

* Are incredibly convenient and versatile, great for travel, and can go virtually anywhere.

* They don't have to be frozen

Is this where Toaster Strudel beats the crud out of Pop Tarts? The filling in a Pop Tart is drier and chewier, while Toaster Strudel's filling really holds up after a toasting. What do you think?

Which product has the better filling, Pop Tarts of Toaster Strudel?

See results

Thanks for stopping by!

Is There Something We Missed in the Toaster Strudels vs Pop Tarts Debate? - Suggest something else to add, or suggest a similar product!

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    • PaigSr profile image


      6 years ago from State of Confusion

      Sorry strudels but I am a die hard POP TART FAN! To be honest here I have had a few different kinds of the Strudels and they are not for me. Biggest draw back is you can't really eat them unless they were warmed up first. The Pop Tarts you can eat right out of the package. In fact that is how I usually do.

    • JeanJohnson LM profile image

      JeanJohnson LM 

      6 years ago

      I didn't care for the toaster strudel when I tried them, if your going to make something hot it should taste good. Pop Tart Amazing :)

    • EileenSmith LM profile image

      EileenSmith LM 

      7 years ago

      Maybe it's a regional thing, but I don't believe I've ever seen anyone eating a Toaster Strudel. Ever. I recall trying them a couple times, but other than that... Pop Tarts all the way! Great lens.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Enjoyed stopping by!

    • Kyecerulian profile image


      8 years ago

      FYI - Lensrolling you to my "Food Duels that make me Hungry" lens. This duel wasn't there when I created it, but it definitely deserves a mention.

    • Kyecerulian profile image


      8 years ago

      Great lens. Good topic with tons of interaction! Definitely a thumbs up.

    • Sylvestermouse profile image

      Cynthia Sylvestermouse 

      8 years ago from United States

      Fun comparison! I honestly see benefits to both!


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