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Popcorn Popping Corn Pop Pop

Updated on December 14, 2012

The Sound, Smell and Taste of Fresh Popcorn

The sound of the first kernel exploding with a distinctive POP fires up our imagination, then POP POP POP POP POP follows in rapid succession.

Popcorn has sound when it cooks and when you dig your hand into the buttered bowl scooping it to your mouth with dozens of sweet sticky kernels biting down releasing the roar that was trapped in the freshly popped popcorn you know there is nothing as good.

Popcorn is carnivals, movies, sleepovers, baseball, and memories form childhood till now all contained in buttered bliss. Popcorn is easy, messy, cheap, salty, sweet, and the best thing you can eat when drinking a soda. Popcorn comes covered in butter, chocolate, caramel, cheese, and more.

Popcorn & Movies

Instant stress relief when work is overwhelming or maybe you're just bored. Popcorn and a good movie watched in your living room or at the local theater will transport you out of the daily humdrum. Popcorn makes the colors brighter the action more realistic and the dialog crisp. The scent of butter surrouning you bring a smile you forgot existed. Popcorn may be sold with candy and ice cream but those tasty little kernels are king when teamed with a movie.

Popcorn Favorties - everyone loves popcorn

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Organic Popcorn

Eden Organic Yellow Popcorn, 20-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 12)
Eden Organic Yellow Popcorn, 20-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 12)

Double Organically Grown Certified. Eden Organic Popping Corn is certified organically grown and from USA family farms. A carefully selected variety with superior popping quality that produces large, fluffy, delicious and nutritious popcorn.


Popcorn Thoughts

Just a tiny kernel of corn that explodes into a airy fluffy tasty treat, that's a pretty amazing magic trick. Watching the kernels pop can become great fun for kids and adults. It doesn't matter if you are cooking it in an electric popper or in a microwave it fluffs up pop by pop consistently. Melt the butter slowly as the popcorn does its thing then pour it generously over the corn and serve to eager smiles all around.

Camping & Popcorn

fresh popcorn and mountian air

Popcorn travels well and is versatile when it comes to cooking. When you head out on that camping trip don't forget the popcorn, tongs and foil. Shape the foil into a bowl shape so the popcorn has room to expand, leave a flap of foil at the top so you can fold it over keeping the popping corn in the bowl. Try out this cooking tip in a fireplace or over a BBQ grill first so you get the knack of it. It will get hot so remember long tongs and an oven-mit to hold it over the heat. In a few minutes it will start popping. Oh and never put it directly in the flame unless you like charred popcorn.

Cook It - cook some popcorn for me

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Pop It - Clay Pot

Pomaireware Clay Pop-O-Pot
Pomaireware Clay Pop-O-Pot

Since the middle of the 19th Century, Pomaire, Chile has been producing distintive earthenware that is both functional and decorative. The artisans have preserved the tradition of working with clay using the same techniques that have been handed from generation to generation.


Pop It Quick - when i'm in a rush

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The Popcorn Book - 60 wonderful recipes


Popcorn is the great American munchie, but too many of us know it simply as a predictable staple of the multiplex or the microwave. Popcorn serves up over 60 tantalizing recipes — both savory and sweet — to ensure that popcorn is never boring again. For tart and piquant tastes, there are Lemon-Pepper Popcorn or Classic Barbecue, or even Gorgonzola and Green Onion for something completely different.


For more fun check out, Hot Dogs News & Ideas a site filled with great stuff

The Popcorn Box - leave a buttery message

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    • profile image

      ohcaroline 6 years ago

      I am a true popcorn-aholic. I have my own version of popping in a lunch bag. I don't buy the popping bags any more. Lensrolling to popcorn trail.

    • shellys-space profile image

      Shelly Sellers 7 years ago from Midwest U.S.A.

      Still working on eating the boxes of popcorn I bought from my Boy Scout!