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Portable Food Warmer

Updated on January 18, 2013

Commercial Food Warmers :: The Take It Easy Oven

What Does The Take It Easy Oven Offer My Business? Lightweight & Stackable – Weighing less than 20 pounds and being able to hold more than 90 pounds of food is a big deal for caterers. The lightweight design means you do not have to wrestle with a large oven when you are loading or unloading your vehicles for the gathering. Most ovens require you to place them side by side which can take up a large amount of room on your prep tables, but the Take It Easy oven can be stacked on top of each other allowing you to make the best use of the spaces you have available.

Surround Heating Technology – The patented carbon fiber heating elements that are embedded into the high strength polymer walls helps to provide the heat that surrounds your food. Rather than using conventional ovens that heat from below, the Take It Easy oven heats from every angle which provides thorough cooking temperatures.

The materials used to produce these effects are able to remain a consistent 140 to 160 degrees on the inside, while the outside remains cool to the touch. Food Safety – Improper holding temperatures are one of the biggest reasons so many people get sick from food borne illnesses. Maintaining temperatures between 140 and 165 degrees you do not have to worry about your food going stale, or becoming harmful to your guests.

A built in thermostat keeps the temperatures at the perfect settings which keeps you from having to mess with the oven over, and over again. Food Quality – A patented airflow design helps to prevent your finished foods from getting soggy or moist. In typical heating elements, steam will begin to accumulate which causes crispy foods to lose their crunch, becoming soggy instead. During the warming process, the Take It Easy oven keeps the moisture from weeping, or soaking into the foods that you are warming.

Portability – Being mobile is crucial to your success. Instead of toting around a large heating oven, you can use a Take It Easy oven to save your back. The small size also allows you to use more heating units in a smaller area which helps keep the food flowing. The lightweight and compact design means one person can handle the oven in and out of your vehicles although it is a good idea to take some interlocking rubber floor mats to place on the ground just in case of bad weather.

Optional Branding – If you are inclined to brand your company, you can have your logo imprinted onto the side of the oven. When you take on new gigs, your company logo will be displayed at all times, helping to keep your services in the forefront of people’s minds. When they need catering or food services, your company will be the first thoughts they have because the logo was in front of them during the last party they attended.

Things have moved on in the portable food warmer world.
Things have moved on in the portable food warmer world.


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  • zzron profile image


    8 years ago from Houston, TX.

    Very helpful, I just might have to get me one of these.


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