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The Quality Pre Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

Updated on November 13, 2015

Cast Iron Skillet

The Quality Pre Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet for all Cooking Environments

By having a pre seasoned skillet it saves you time and energy in having to season them before you use them. Although some people prefer to give it a once over just to be on the safe side!

Although cast iron skillets require different methods of looking after than a non stick pan they are easy to look after. If looked after properly they will last for a lifetime so they are super value. People who use them love them and wouldn't use anything else.

The Lodge pre seasoned cast iron Skillet comes in every size you could want. They are sizes 8", 10 1/4", 12", 15" and 17"

The 8" Small Skillet on Amazon

For larger skillets check out the bottom of the page.

Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Skillet, 8-inch

Lodge Skillets Last a Lifetime

I like the pre seasoned Lodge skillets are economical because if you look after them you don't ever have to replace them and you get a whole lifetimes use from them.

To get the most out of them though it is important to look after them properly as cast iron requires different care than your normal non stick pans.

Cooking with the Pre Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

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A Lodge Cast Iron Skillet Video Review

Lodge Cast Iron Seasoning Throughout Use

Cast iron requires seasoning before you use it. When you buy Lodge you already have seasoned cast ion so you don't have to do that. Some people feel that they prefer to season it once more before use anyway, but that is up to the individual..

Make sure you maintain your lodge cast iron seasoning with vegetable oil. Seasoning is high temperature baked vegetable oil that over time improves as you use it more.

How to Season and Protect Your Cast Iron Skillet Video

Other Sizes of the Lodge Pre Seasoned Cast Iron Skillets on Amazon - lodge seasoned cast iron

Outdoor cooking with a Skillet or Two!

Lodge Cast Iron Cleaning Properly Will Give a Lifetimes Use

lodge cast iron cleaning

Do not use your dish washer they must be washed by hand. They must also be dried at once as well. They should be kept oiled with vegetable oil which is a mistake I made when I first bought cast iron as opposed to non stick.

I always leave to drain and I did not oil it either and as a result it rusted. Unfortunately I did not know that you can get rid of rust so wasted money on it as it was trashed. So oiling and drying is important. Just a light coat should do it making sure all is covered. This protects your pans from moisture and prevents rusting out.

There is some debate about the use of soap. I don't feel comfortable in not using soap however it is not needed as the cookware gets very hot very quickly and this makes it sterile.

One thing you must not do besides wash in the dishwasher is use a scourer on it as it will damage the surface and remove all that hard work from seasoning.

The only exception to this is if like me you do it wrong and end up with rust. then you can remove the rust with a scourer and season once again with vegetable oil. If it is really bad you make have to start from scratch and re season again. However with the lodge pre seasoned skillets if you follow the care instructions you shouldn't get this problem.

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