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Prego Alfredo Sauce with Savory Bacon Review

Updated on August 9, 2013

Prego Alfredo Sauce with Savory Bacon Review

Prego has recently come out with a new line of pasta sauces and one in particular is an alfredo sauce that is bacon flavored, so I decided to write a Prego Alfredo Sauce with Savory Bacon review. I decided to do this review because it is so new many people will be wondering if it's worth my money and how good does it taste. Like most other specialty sauces the Prego Alfredo sauce with savory bacon is not the cheapest on the shelf, so let's take a look at the main components of the sauce and see if its worth your hard earned money. I'm going to review the package, flavor, ingredients of the product and give you an overall review based on a family dinner in which it was served to a 5 year old twin boys, 12 year old boy, 10 year old girl, and 38 year old parents. I feel that this is a great taste test because it will cover pallets of several different age groups and genders. Well enough talk and let's take a look at how the new style alfredo sauce held up

Prego Alfredo Sauce with Savory Bacon Jar
Prego Alfredo Sauce with Savory Bacon Jar

Prego Alfredo Sauce With Savory Bacon Bottle

The bottle that holds the Prego sauce is your traditional pasta sauce jar that has a two sicker label. The lid is also the traditional style gold colored lid with the Prego name stamped on it. The sauce is vacuum sealed so that the center of the lid pops up once it has been opened. This is a safety measure to ensure that no one has tampered with the product before you opened it. The only problem with the way it is packaged is they way the date code is placed on the jar. The machine stamp actually puts the ink onto the glass. This caused part of it to smear or get rubbed off almost every jar that I have come across. I hope that Campbell's decides to move the date/mfg stamp to the label opposed to the glass.

My final opinion on the packaging is 3 out of 5 stars because of the stamping issue

Prego Alfredo Sauce with Savory Bacon Ingredients

Part Kitchen and Part Chemistry Set

Now we live in an age where almost every food company employs chemists so that oods can be altered in ways to excite our pallet. By looking at the ingredients list on the sauce it looks like Campbell's is no exceptions to this rule. The ingredients start out simple with water cream butter Parmesan cheese salt and then the ingredients get a little dicey. From there unless you are a chemist it is hard to understand some things like liquid egg products, sodium nitrate and then there's a list of ingredients that "may also contain". You have to go about halfway down this Frankenstein ingredients list to actually find bacon. Once you actually find the bacon the label states that it contains less than 2% bacon. I wish things were like they were many years ago when gredients were relatively simple to understand and you do not need to have a PhD in chemistry to actually read these labels with a good understanding of what you're putting into your body. So if you're looking for something that have simple ingredients then you are looking at the wrong wrong sauce. This is nowhere close to that. I have to say that because of the highly processed ingredients listed on the label I'm going to give the actual ingredients of the sauce a 2 out of 5.

Make Your Own Pasta Sauces - It's nice to know what is in your sauce

Prego Alfredo Sauce with Savory Bacon Taste Test

A family of 6 tries a blind taste test

Well this part of the review was easy. I made a gigantic pasta dinner for my family and served it up not telling them what type of sauce is going to be on their pasta. They thought I was serving them one of their favorite alfredo sauces when I put the plate in front of them on the dining room table. I've served everyone a bowl full of pasta (it was spaghetti in case you're wondering) and set the bowls in front of everyone including myself. Everyone started to dig in almost simultaneously except me. I took a moment to watch everyone's faces and expressions as they took their first bite of Prego Alfredo sauce with savory bacon. The first person to say something was my wife (who spit out the pasta) and asked me what I put in the pasta sauce. I explained to her I didn't put anything into the sauce except that it was the new sauce I picked up by Prego that contains bacon. As I was explaining this to my wife my children put their forks down and asked me if we had something else to eat. Not just one child all 4 of my children said they told me it taste weird. I used several jars of sauce to make tonight's dinner so I just quickly reviewed the dates in manufacturing codes. All of the coded had some scraping issues that I mentioned earlier. I did this to double check and ensure that none of them were past expiration. Every jar was fine, and it's just that the sauce is not all that appealing. So in conclusion my family dinner was a failure and it is safe to say that the taste test it failed. I'm going to give it 1 out of 5 stars for taste and texture

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The Final Verdict

To it nicely.....Epic Fail

To conclude the Prego Alfredo sauce with savory bacon review my family and I give it an overall score of 1 out of 5 stars. It was a nice try by Prego to try something new, but it just does not fulfill your taste expectation when you hear bacon inside of a sauce. I actually felt so strong about this pasta sauce failure that I also wrote a letter to Campbell's and expressed my concerns over the taste testing that I did. I did explain to them that the sauce need some work, and I hope they modify the recipe going forward.

I know that we all work hard for our money, and this sauce does not deserve any of your cash. You're better off going with any other flavor of pasta sauce before this one. However if you decide to try, it don't be surprised at the eruption of awfulness you will get in your mouth when try this sauce on your pasta.

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      Charito Maranan-Montecillo 3 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      Sounds delicious! Can't wait to put it on my pasta!