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Press Dough As Seen On TV Cookie

Updated on December 19, 2010

Press Dough As Seen On TV

If you can't tell I absolutely love my as seen on tv products. I also love cooking and food and just saw a brand new infomercial for a brand new as seen on tv cooking product called Press Dough. Press Dough is a cookie molder, not a cookie cutter than takes either store bought cookie dough or your own homemade dough and allows your kids to press the dough through a tube and then the Press Dough cookie maker forms an animal shape.

The problem with cookie cutters is if you don't put flour down on your counter the shapes can stick. Normal cookie molds can be hard to use for kids which takes some of the fun out of cooking with them. Using a scoop or a spoon isn't fun as it makes boring regular circle shaped cookies which is why I love the idea behind Press Dough. Press Dough takes a molded shape and then when the mold is filled it spits a stream of cookie dough out of the holes in it. Although that sounds like it would make an ugly cookie, it was actually thought out much better than that. Take the press dough elephant cookie mold.

When the As Seen On TV Press Dough elephant cookie mold is filled, all of the sudden dough squirts through the bottom and forms the elephants trunk. The Press Dough sun mold shoots dough out of the circle to form the suns rays and then there is the old school dough toy type of mold.

Press Dough Cookie Factory comes with a tube mold and noodle mold. The noodle and tube mold lets kids make braided cookies, hair for poodles and other animals. It lets them make swirls for lollipop shaped cookies and the press dough cookie factory lets them use their imagination to create an endless amount of designer cookies. They can use them to whiskers for the cat cookie mold or for the dog as well. They can use flower molds to make a flower and ropes to make leaves.

The next cool thing about the press dough cookie factory as seen on tv is that they also give kids cookie frosting decorating tools. They can use the press dough cookie factory to create lines, squiggles and also dots. Your kids will be able to ice and decorate professional looking gourmet cookies with the press dough cookie factory which will not only provide hours of fun each week, but will also save you from having to think of desserts for dinner. Let your kids create their own treats for their birthday parties or for dessert for dinner once a week. They'll love showing off their press dough cookie factory designer cookies and you can even let them create a story and cookie puppet show to perform after dinner to make dessert even more fun. This will not only inspire them to be more creative, but it will make dinner time more fun and their birthday parties more special.

I don't actually have my own press dough cookie factory kit but am probably going to order one. If you do have a press dough cookie factory then feel free to leave a comment below and let us know how you like it or how you and your kids use it. I will definitely be ordering one for my niece soon. I do want to say that anything to do with ovens or dangerous things like cooking need to be done by adults. You should only let your kids play with and create cookies with the press dough cookie factory as seen on tv with adult supervision and only adults should use the oven to bake the cookies. You should also make sure your kids wait for the cookies to cool before they decorate so the icing doesn't melt. Sorry, just had to put that there because I know how some people are.

Press Dough Cookie Factory As Seen On TV


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