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Product Review of the Cookworks Signature Compact Stainless Steel Deep Fryer

Updated on August 13, 2014

Product Review of the Cookworks Signature Compact Stainless Steel Deep Fryer

This is a review of my experiences with this small deep fat fryer from Cookworks, including a tip on how to clean cooking oil so that it lasts longer, and how suitable it is for frequent fryers and families.

Technical Specifications

This is a small deep fryer made by Cookworks as part of their Signatures range.


Size: Height 17cm, Width 15 cm, Depth 15cm

Food capacity: 0.4L

Oil capacity: 0.9L

Temperature: 130°C to 190°C


The fryer is very small. It isn't suitable for more than one person, as you can only cook one portion of food at a time. It certainly isn't suitable for a family. If cooking a meal with two fried items, for example, scampi and chips, you will need to keep one of the items warm after cooking it whilst the second is cooked.

It isn't very easy to clean. Only the lid and basket can be cleaned separately; the rest of the unit does not dismantle. With the oil compartment not removing, emptying the oil out is not very convenient for either cleaning the unit or cleaning the oil. The oil compartment cannot be washed separately in a sink, meaning that it has to be wiped out many times with kitchen paper or a dry cloth to clean it. Food, such as breaded items, that make a lot of mess in the oil when fried also make it harder to clean the fryer.

Its size means that it doesn't take up much space when stored.

Probably not suitable if you do a lot of deep frying, or use messy foods in the fryer a lot, but it isn't bad if bought at a discount from full retail price for occasional usage by a single person.

How to Clean Fryer Oil

This method can be used to clean cooking oil used in deep frying to prolong its' life before it needs changing.

You will need a sieve, preferably metal, a bowl (not a plastic one), some sheets of kitchen towel and a seal-able container.

Bits of food cooked in a fryer accumulate in the oil every time it is used. By filtering the oil after use, it stays cleaner for longer.

Place several sheets of kitchen paper inside the sieve. Place the sieve in the bowl. Pour the oil in the sieve and wait for it to filter through the paper. Once it has done so, pour the oil into the sealed container, making sure it is cool enough.

Although you can do this whilst the oil is still hot, be very careful. Hot oil is dangerous.

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