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Pyrex Pie Dishes Are Cookware Classics

Updated on February 8, 2015
Pyrex pie dish available on
Pyrex pie dish available on | Source

The Pyrex Pie Dish is Simply Beautiful

Who doesn't remember Pyrex? Pyres pie dishes and cookware seems to have been with us all our lives and, indeed, Pyrex glass bakeware products are to be found in an estimated eighty percent of American homes. I'm sure that goes for many other countries too. Pyrex has all the hallmarks of a real classic. Simple functional design that never goes out of fashion. Vintage Pyrex dishes are still beautiful and new ones have evolved subtly to keep up with the times.

The real beauty of Pyrex, though, is it's versatility today. Straight out of the fridge and into the microwave or the oven. Pyrex is heat resistant and can adapt to sudden changes of temperature without breaking.

So what is a Pyrex dish? Wouldn't you like to know more about Pyrex?

Buy from Amazon World Kitchen 6001003 Pie Plate (Pack of 6)

Pyrex is Perfect! - Perfectly formed and perfectly durable

Simple beauty and simply strong. What more could you want?

Pyrex Glass Bakeware Pie Plate 9" x 1.2"
Pyrex Glass Bakeware Pie Plate 9" x 1.2"

Clear simplicity and durable beauty. These pie dishes will last for generations! Form follows function and you get flexibility, efficiency and long-lasting service from cook ware that won't go out of fashion next year. Pyrex is an investment for life as well as for living.


What is Pyrex?

And when was Pyrex invented?

A potted history of Pyrex: Pyrex is a brand name for glassware, introduced by Corning Incorporated (or Corning Inc) in 1915 and it was originally made from borosilicate glass - twenty two years after Otto Schott first created it. Otto Schott founded Schott AG in 1893 and Schott AG sold products made from this glass under the name "Duran."

The word 'Pyrex' seems to have been chosen arbitrarily in 1915 as a trade-mark for products manufactured and sold by Corning Glass Works. The glass was developed throughout the early 20th century, resulting in bakeware that was tough, heat resistant and resistant to breakages. You might be interested to know that it's also used in laboratory ware and telescopes.

"What is a Pyrex dish?" - now you know!

pyrex | Source

Pyrex Has All The Hallmarks of a Cookware Classic

The Pyrex brand name and Pyrex suppliers

Corning developed the range of goods produced under the name Pyrex during the late 1930s and 1940s. Opaque tempered soda-lime glass was used for bowls and bake-ware, and by adding alumino-sulfate to the borosilicate glass to Pyrex Flameware a range of products were designed for stove top use.

Pyrex goods were originally produced under the name of Corning Inc but in 1998 consumer goods including Pyrex were sold through the newly formed company World Kitchen, LLC. Corning also licensed the Pyrex brand name to others: so look out for names like World Kitchen, and Newell Cookware Europe and Arc International when searching for Pyrex bake ware.

The Classic Pyrex Pie Plate

pyrex dishes
pyrex dishes | Source

What Makes Pyrex Special Today?

Why Pyrex Is My First Choice in The Kitchen

These days so many of us are pushed for time - I know that with our B&B we often need to be very efficient in the kitchen, and kitchen ware that can go straight from a cold fridge and then into the internet is an essential.

I love the fact that the classic nature of the Pyrex dish means that I'm happy to put it directly onto the table.

I also often need to pour boiling water into a bowl or dish. Ever made the mistake of pouring boiling water into a glass container or putting a cold jam jar filled with cold water into the microwave? I did the latter recently and it broke - a clean break exactly at the point that the water reached.

Remember, though, not to put your Pyrex directly onto the stove top unless they are labeled Flameware or this use is specifically indicated.

Pyrex Deep Pie Dishes - Great for whole meal pies

These deep Pyrex pie dishes come in different shapes and sizes. It's really useful to have a range of bakeware. I often make a little supper for myself or just the two of us, but I love to cook for friends, and our B&B guests of course.

It's very economical, if you have a freezer, to bake or cook big batches of food and then freeze it in small portions.

Pyrex Easy Grab 1.3 Quart Glass Oval Bakeware Dish
Pyrex Easy Grab 1.3 Quart Glass Oval Bakeware Dish

A nice large dish with handles is very practical.


These are My Pyrex Dishes - I use them all the time

pyrex-pie-dish | Source

My set of casserole, deep pie dishes and all-purpose bowl have served me well. Looking milky? Not perfect? A little chipped? That's because I've used them day in day out, year in year out for many, many years. So long that I forget!

I don't really have names for them. I use them to serve salads, to microwave food, to bake pies, to cook casseroles. Well, that is the beauty of Pyrex - versatility.

Vintage Pyrex

Those old-fashioned Pyrex pie plates we knew and loved

Vintage Pyrex Pie Plate - I love Pyrex vintage pie plates

I was lucky enough to inherit some Pyrex cookware from my Grandmother and great aunts, but if you don't have anyone to hand down these vintage heirlooms, then you can always find wonderful, old-fashioned plates on Amazon. Here is just a tiny sample of vintage Pyrex plates.

Bid for Vintage Pyrex Pie Dishes on eBay - Plenty of pretty Pyrex bargains here

Oldies but goodies - have fun bidding from these and open the door to all those kitchen memories from childhood. Pyrex really brings back the good old days for me.

Are You Passionate About Pyrex? - Let me know what you think about these pie dishes

Pyrex - love it or hate it?

See results

© 2013 Barbara Walton

Tell Me About Your Pyrex Moments - I'd love to hear your thoughts

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