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quick and easy recipes

Updated on March 7, 2014

Quick and easy recipes have become a requirement for today's Life style.

Life is not easy today as it used to be 20 years back. We are all too busy in the rat race and we have even forgotten what we are going to achieve even if we win the race. (I doubt whether we are going to have any winner anyway). Anyway, I will drop this topic here and will keep in my mind to make a lens on this rat race. Today, I brought this issue to share this Quick and easy recipes which will be helpful if you are a person who is always on the run and dont have enough time to spend in the kitchen.

This is an indian recipe and is my favorite too. In India it is called "Aaloo Tikki" and believe me it does not take more than 20 minutes to make this wondrfull tasty recipe.

Aaloo Tikki: A vegetarian delight


Five to six medium size boiled Potatoes. Add a tea spoon of salt in the water before you boil them. Salt makes the boiling process faster.


Black Salt



100 gms of lightly microwaved peas

Thinly sliced Onions

Chopped Coriander

Lemon or lime

Chopped mint



1) Peel of the potaoes and add chopped mint, coriander, salt, turmeric, black salt, black pepper, 100 gms of samolina and one spoon of lemon juice.

2) Mash the potatoes along with all the ingredients.

3) Make 200 gms of balls of this mashed mixture and press it by hand to give it a patties kind of shape.

4) Use non sticky pan to heat canola oil. Add 50 gms. of butter for better fragrance.

Shallow fry the patties till they turn golden brown.

4) Serve the dish with hot chilly sauce

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I invented another variation of this recipe

I have not yet taken the photograph of the variations, But they are too easy to implement and I can just write it here.

1) Instead of mashing the potatoes, grate boiled potato and then mix all the ingredients.

Do this makes this dish "aaloo tikki" more crispy and it tastes really better.

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Do you prefer watching video than reading.

Those of you, who prefer watching video rather than reading, I created this video to show how to make this quick and easy recipe.

I am waiting for your feed back. - Please give your honest opinion

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