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Rabbit Wine Bottle Opener

Updated on November 29, 2015

Rabbit Wine Bottle Opener

The Metrokane Rabbit wine bottle opener is the most popular and well respected wine bottle opener on the market today. Great Craftsmanship and quality have given it the Rabbit a reputation as the "best wine bottle opener" throughout the wine community.

The bottom line on the Rabbit opener is that it makes an awesome addition to your home bar, and the perfect gift for anyone who loves wine. Right now is the best time to pick one up, because many models qualify for free shipping. Well lets get started exploring all of the different models of the Metrokane Rabbit.

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Rabbit Wine Bottle Opener

The Rabbit wine bottle opener has developed a reputation for quality and ease of use by pulling out a cork out in 3 seconds and then automatically releasing it. With features like that it is easy to see why it is so highly regarded among wine aficionados and casual wine drinkers. The Metrokane Rabbit comes in several different colors, so you are sure to find one that matches the decor of the room it will be used in. On a side note I think it is refreshing that you can get a world class opener in a color that fits your style, and not have the same exact one everyone else has.

Wine Bottle Rabbit Opener Corkscrew Collar Pourer Set

If you are looking for a gift or something to finish off that home bar then look no further than these Wine Bottle Rabbit Opener Corkscrew Collar Pourer Set. These awesome sets have everything you need in them, so there is no need to buy any other wine accessories because these Rabbit wine bottle opener sets have everything you need and then some. If the set is for a gift then rest assured that whoever you give it to will have it for years to come, and will always be reminded of you every time they open a bottle.

Vertical Rabbit Opening A Bottle Of Wine

Metrokane Vertical Rabbit Lever Style Corkscrew

The Metrokane Vertical Rabbit Lever Style Corkscrew has a slightly different look than the traditional Rabbit wine bottle opener. However the ease of use and speed that you can remove a cork is still very impressive. Make sure you check out the short video above that documents a showdown between two wine enthusiasts to see who can uncork a bottle faster.

The Best Rabbit Wine Bottle Opener in my humble opinion is the Metrokane Zippity Rabbit Polished "Sterling Model". This opener is made of the high quality materials as the traditional Rabbit, however the Sterling Model Rabbit has a nice chrome coating to it. The accessories that come with it such as the foil cutter is also chrome. This gives a great look and feel to an already outstanding wine opener.

Rabbit Zippity Polished Sterling Corkscrew in EVA Storage Case (Black)
Rabbit Zippity Polished Sterling Corkscrew in EVA Storage Case (Black)

Die-cast metal rabbit in brilliant chrome

Chrome foil cutter

Extra Spiral

10yr Warranty


Electric Rabbit Wine Bottle Opener

The electric Rabbit wine bottle opener by Metrokane is the perfect solution for anyone who has difficulty squeezing and pulling. I found that through my research that the electric rabbit is a great choice for the elderly who don’t have the strenght, or anyone who suffers from carpal tunnel syndrome. This opener is perfect for them because it requires no effort to remove the cork and eject it from the wine bottle opener. I would advise you to check out the video of the electric Rabbit wine bottle opener demonstration below.

Electric Rabbit Wine Bottle Opener Demonstration

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