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Refreshing Watermelon!

Updated on January 25, 2016

High in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, watermelon can be had throughout the year. It is mostly water and sugar but very low in calories. Watermelon is considered both, a fruit and a vegetable. The most liked fruit when it comes to summer refreshments, it can also be cut and chilled to eat later on as a healthy snack.

Glowing skin: Vitamin A in it keeps the skin soft and smooth, which is also very essential in the growth of entire body tissues including skin and hair. It boosts the production of sebum which results into moisturized and shiny hair. Moreover, it keeps your skin hydrated and fresh.

Watermelon juice relieves muscle soreness: The amino acids present in watermelon helps heal wounds and sores faster. Regular consumption in adequate quantity decreases the recovery time.

Improves eyesight: Being a very good source of beta-carotene, it can improve eye health to a great extent. Beta-carotene gets converted into vitamin A in the body which prevents night blindness, improves dental health, protects soft tissues, skeletal and mucus membrane.

Good for digestion: Due to its fiber content, watermelon helps improve the digestive tract thereby preventing constipation. It is easy to digest, even when had in more quantity.

Keeps you hydrated: Contains 92% of water and all the vital electrolytes that are needed to prevent dehydration during hot summer months. Although it is available in winters too, most people prefer consuming melons during the summer season.

Quick Watermelon Refreshment

  • Cut the watermelon into small rectangular pieces.

  • Put it in a container and store in the refrigerator.

  • Once it's chilled, add some lemon juice to it and enjoy this yummy summer snack.

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