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Replacement Gas Grill Burner Tubes

Updated on July 3, 2014

Do not throw away your old grill.  Repair it with replacement gas grill burners instead.

The other day, on my way home from work, I saw a very nice gas grill sitting on the side of the road.  Even though I had a grill, this one was too nice to leave behind. As a matter of fact, it was too nice to throw away.  So I pulled over to take  look and see if it was worth dragging home.

To my wife's chagrin, I am a bit of a picker.  If I see something on the side of the road that looks worth dragging home, I'll pick it up and take it with me..  

When I got out to look at it, I could tell that it wasn't used very often and whoever put it on the side of the road even left a half full can of gas hooked up to it.  I thought to myself that this had to be a mistake, so I went up to the house it was sitting in front of, and knocked on the door.

You are not going to believe me when I tell you this, but James Brown answered the door.  Not the singer, but a 6 foot 4 inch tall white guy named James Brown.  When he answered the door, I said hello and told him my name.  That is when he told me that he was James Brown.  "Like the singer"? I asked, and he said "Yes".

I apologized for interrupting his day, but I had to ask him if he was intentionally throwing away that fine grill on the curb.  I also mentioned to him that he might want to take the propane gas tank out if he was.  The trashmen can not take it while it is connected to one of those.

He explained to me that he figured someone would pick it up long before the trashmen had a chance to get it. When they did, he wanted whoever picked it up to have some gas to go with it. (What a nice guy.)

He also told me that it worked, but a couple of the burners had rusted half way through.  This made it to where the grill would not heat evenly, so he just went out and bought himself a new grill.

Well that is all I needed to hear. I thanked him and told him to have a nice day. Went back out to that pretty little grill on the side of the road, and rolled it right on up into my work trailer.

When I got it home, I cleaned it up a bit, put a new battery in the electric start, and fired it right on up. But, ol' James Brown was right, it needed new burners.

Easy enough.  I went in to the house, picked up the laptop, and ordered a set of these universal gas grill replacement burners.  A couple days later they showed up at my front door, I put them into my garbage find gas grill, fired it up, and VOILÃ!  Good as new.

This makes me wonder how many people throw away perfectly good grills just because the little gas burner tubes have rusted out.  All they would have to do is put in replacement tubes, save a small fortune, and be back to grillen in no time.

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