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Restaurant Equipment :: Appliances

Updated on January 18, 2013

First Time Buyer Of Restaurant Equipment Appliances?

Setting up a new eatery is an intimidating task for the chef that wants to become a business owner, and if they have never purchased restaurant equipment appliances before it will easily become overwhelming to him or her. Sensibly - buying used commercial kitchen appliances can save a large amount of initial cash outlay.

Depending on what type of café, bistro, or diner they want to set up will of course dictate the kitchen equipment that will need to purchased. Normally a person setting up a new dinning business will have worked at one or more restaurants in the past to gain the business experience needed to run their shop.

The one thing that most food industry entrepreneurs do not glean from their bosses and the business owners is the selection of cooking appliances they will need to get started and what the capital outlay is for their start-up budget. This can run well over a hundred thousand dollars for starting a small to medium restaurant, and that is not including furnishings for the dining area, and decorations either.

Of course there is the used appliance route to cut down on initial costs, and maybe by combing a few used items, with new, will allow you to stay on track with your expenditures, and keep within budget constraints.

Restaurant equipment - Commercial Ovens
Restaurant equipment - Commercial Ovens

When the word restaurant appliance comes to mind, most people think of stoves, ovens, grills, warming tables, and preparation tables. That is just where the list gets started, and you will have to add other items like a commercial mixers, automatic dishwasher, sinks, icemaker, vegetable prep area, exhaust hoods, fryers, grease traps, and beverage dispensers.

There will other items to consider purchasing depending on the type of food you will be preparing and serving your clientele. A great tip is to contact a restaurant in another city and possibly state, and ask if the owner could help create a shopping listing of what essential appliances will be needed in the beginning. You may want to visit his or her business, and get an idea first hand of what to expect with this new venture you are taking on.

A seasoned restaurateur will know exactly where to buy the best restaurant equipment and appliances for the lowest prices. This task will seem less difficult if you can befriend someone like this and get them to be your mentor for a couple of years.

There are of course commercial appliance trades shows that you can attend, so that you can see all of your available options at one location. All new business owners will make mistakes, but with the above-mentioned tips, it should go a lot smoother for you.


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