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Restaurant Equipment :: Ovens

Updated on January 18, 2013

How To Choose The Right Restaurant Equipment - Ovens

Like all major purchases in the world of business, you are looking for the best deals for your commercial kitchen, and professional quality restaurant kitchen ovens are one of the largest and most important investments that you will make.

Your selection will be guided on two variables usually, and they are budget and volume of business you are generating with your current eatery. Ovens for commercial use will be in the range of three thousand to twenty thousand dollars and almost certainly you will want to consider a used oven, unless you are extremely well funded.

Other considerations are stand-alone oven units, or a combination stove range with ovens built below the burners. Consult with your veteran cooks that work for you and ask their opinion on what ovens have worked best for them in the past, and which brands or models to stay away from due to lack of quality or poor customer service when warranty issues arise.

This will give you a good list of ovens to start researching online, and help narrow your selection process to save time. This is a long-term investment that you will be looking to last fifteen to twenty years down the road, so performing exacting due diligence is a must in this situation.

Restaurant equipment - ovens
Restaurant equipment - ovens

Having a social network of fellow restaurant owners will always be a big help when looking for kitchen appliances. They may know of almost new, but used appliances from someone that went out of business quickly.

Another option is to let the other business owners in your circle know that you would like first refusals on their commercial cooking hand me downs. When a business grows, so do their equipment requirements.

Buying a slightly used oven in pristine condition could save you several thousand dollars, and help keep you profitable at the same time. The warranty may also be transferable, so call the manufacturer, and see if you will still enjoy the same benefits as the original owner. Always buy a little more than you need when it comes to restaurant kitchen appliances and equipment.

It is much like children’s clothing, you always buy them items a little bigger than what fits them so they can grow into them. The same applies to these types of appliances. Since the ovens are the biggest part of your kitchen, you will not want to swap them out very often as the resale value may be lower than what you still owe on the unit, and buying a little more than you need currently will profit you in the future.


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