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Review of Meal Kits

Updated on May 1, 2019

Review of Meal Kits

Ah, the meal kit services. Modern society is becoming ever so busy. People are looking for a quick and easy out from fast food because of the health issues that come with the food. Nobody wants to go to the store everyday and buy ingredients for every meal, so businesses came up with a brand new idea, meal kits.

For those of you that don't know what a meal kit service is a service that sends customers fresh, prepared meals delivered to their homes. These services individually package pre-portioned meals to assist with eating a healthy diet. These services cook and prepare meals for customers.

Meals may come in small Tupperware containers and are often labeled with nutritional information. There are also many options for specific diet types like vegetarian and vegan. These services often operate on a subscription business model rather than by individual order as in pizza delivery or with the broader category of online food ordering.

Now that you know what a meal service is, are they any good? That's why i'm here. Almost anyone will tell you that these meal plans are amazing and that there are no issues with them whatsoever. I simply can not agree with this at all. I will first be going over the perks and benefits of using a meal service, but then going over why I think they are a waste of your money.

For starters, let's go over the benefits of meal services. First, meal services can actually make cooking healthy. Cooking healthy isn’t always easy, especially if you’re dealing with kids and/or a busy work schedule. You may have the ambitions to cook up something healthy and equally delicious, but by the end of the day, boxed and/or frozen options are just so much easier.

Another benefit is less food waste. When you find a recipe and make it at home, you have to buy the ingredients at the store. When a recipe calls for half of an onion, will you use the rest? What if you have to buy a spice or ingredient you don’t normally use? Will you use up the rest before it expires? With meal kits, the ingredients are curated and sent pre-measured. So, there is no waste, no useless ingredients left in your pantry and everything gets used up. Not only does this help you save on waste, but if you think about the bigger picture, you’re also saving on landfill waste and the total wasted food count in the country in general.

Another benefit is that these meals may give you access to ingredients that you have never tried before. Some of the ingredients you get with your meal kits are not easily found locally. You may also not have access to as fresh of produce as you receive – especially for the companies that offer farm-to-table meal kits. If you don’t live on the coast, you may find the fish and seafood options fresher from a home dinner kit than what you buy at the store (which is usually frozen and then thawed in the display case).

Another benefit is the fact that you get to choose you own meals. It's almost like a restaurant layout, where you get a menu of different foods each week and decide what you want sent to your house. It allows you to try new things, and try luxurious meals.

Now I have given you four benefits to these meal kits. By now I may have even persuaded you to go and check some out for yourself. But next I am going to tell you why it isn't the best idea to give you money to these companies.

By far, the biggest concern, and reason why most people don't (can't) use meal kits is because of the cost. meal-kit services cost about $10 per person for each meal, at least $7.50 per person less than dinner at a full-service restaurant, including tax, tip, parking and other costs. So on that note, home-delivered meal kits sound appetizing. However, a meal kit, while less expensive than dining out, still costs more than buying food at the grocery store and preparing it at home.

On average, a meal kit will probably run you about $200 a month, or $50 a week. Depending on the meals and companies you choose, the prices will vary. Many people just can't afford to do this because you still have to grocery shop even with meal kits. You will be spending a couple hundred extra dollars a month just for these meals when you can save your money and just buy your own food.

The next biggest issue is the lack of food you actually get. For this $50 price tag a week, you get four meals, that's it. You still have to eat breakfast and lunch each day, and you have three more days for dinner. You are basically just spending money for no reason because you think you won't have to go to the store for this service. That is the wrong conception.

You still have to spend hundreds of dollars in groceries added onto the meal kits. Also, the portion sizes are extremely small. Now this will help you lose weight, but if you have kids, or someone who is really hungry, they are screwed out of luck. The meals may not fully fill you. This will lead you to just eat snacks after which defeats the purpose of the meal kit.

There seems to be more pros than cons when it comes to meal kits, but the cons are just too important not to notice. These meal kit companies make a boat load of money off of you because you think that these will help you save money. The reality is, you still have to spend money on groceries, and you probably won't be full after the meal.

Your life is still going to be busy, because you're still going to have to cook. The meals kits have a good premise but when you really think about it, it's not the best idea. Just buy your own groceries and make your own meals. You will save money and be happier in the long run.


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