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roasted leg of lamb recipe with herbed couscous

Updated on September 3, 2010

Easy roast leg of lamb recipe with herbed couscous

Roast leg of Lamb recipe
Roast leg of Lamb recipe

The easiest roast leg of lamb with herbed couscous

 The roast leg of lamb will comfortably serve 6 people and takes roughly 20 minutes to prepare and about 105 minutes of cooking time.

So if you want to serve up a home cooked lamb roast meal for Sunday lunch or a fimaly gathering, then try out this easy to prepare succulent and tasty leg of lamb recipe with herbs and couscous.

What utensils will we need to make the roast leg of lamb

A large frying pan

A roasting tray

An oven



measuring jug

measuring spoons

wooden spoon

a paint brush for basting

What ingredients will we need to make this easy roast leg of lamb

 100ml perpared couscous

1 sachet packet sauce gravy

15ml cooking oil

1 chopped leek

1 finely chopped red pepper

100ml dry white wine 1 cup chopped parsley

10 ml garlic and herb seasoning

5 ml chopped thyme

1,5 kilogram deboned leg of lamb


Now lets make the best roast leg of lamb together

  1. The first thing to do is to preheat your oven to 180 degrees celcius
  2. Whilst the oven is heating to the required cooking temperature, prepare the couscous according to the packets instructions.
  3. Once the couscous is prepared, stir in the packet of roast meat gravy and then leave to one side.
  4. Now heat the cooking oil in your large frying pan and then saute the red pepper and leeks for about one minute.
  5. Now add the dry white wine, the parsley and the garlic and herb seasonings and mix in the couscous you have already made. This will be your contents for the roast leg of lamb during roasting.
  6. Now to prepare the leg of lamb for roasting. Open out the deboned leg of lamb and spread the couscous mixture over the inside of the leg of lamb.
  7. Now we are going to seal it all in to cook from the inside out. Grab your string and scissors and roll up the leg of lamb sealing in the coucous mixture and tie the string along the leg of lamb in even intervals to hold it all together and to make sure a roll shape is kept.
  8. Now place the leg of lamb on the roasting tray and when the temperature of the oven is at 180, place the leg of lamb in the oven for roasting. Sart the roasting process and set the timer for 1,5 hours.
  9.  After the first 45 minutes, open the oven and use the brush to baste the leg of lamb with the sauce that has collected in the base of the roasting pan. Do this every 15 minutes thereafter.
  10. Once the hour and a half is complete, you can switch of the oven and remove the roast leg of lamb and palce it to cool down as it will continue to cook for about 15 minutes.
  11. After 15 minutes, it should be cool enough to remove the string and place on a serving tray ready for carving.
  12. You can serve your roast leg of lamb with rice or mashed potatoes and some roasted vegatables and a gravy of your choice.


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