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Home Canning Your Gardens Foods

Updated on September 10, 2009

Home canning your foods is a great way that you can save your gardens bounty for enjoyment around the year. I know that for me during the harvest season my kitchen seems to be turned into a factory that works just on my home canning projects during the day until dinner time. However, I know that home canning is a great way for me to save my gardens bounty during the entire year without having to fill up my freezer with even more product.  If you do not know what home canning is you will want to read this article to ensure that you know what home canning is.

Home canning is in a nutshell taking and putting your garden harvest into a can or jar and sealing it either with a pressure canner or water canner. Either one of these methods work well in a home canning system however, you will want to purchase a book such as the Ball Jar book of canning to ensure that you use the proper canning technique for the food that you are wanting to can. I know that for some of the foods that you will want to home can you have to use a pressure cooker, but for other foods you can use only a water bath canner. So I would highly recommend purchasing the books to ensure that you use the proper home canning method.

Now you might be asking why would you want to place some of your harvest in a home canning process. Well, the simple answer to this question is because you will be able to store some of your harvest from the summer time and make it last you into the winter and hopefully into the following spring months. I know that this is my goal and even though so far I only can tomatoes I have gotten them to wear it will last until the following spring and even into my next harvest time. So home canning will let you save money during the winter months because you will not have to purchase the vegetables during the winter months.

Home canning is a great wau tp save money during the winter months because you will not have to purchase your vegetables because they will be in the cans at your home. Home canning is always a great way to use your gardens harvest during the entire year instead of just when they are in season. I know that I enjoy letting my family come together to do my home canning.

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