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How a Potato Peeler Made an Old Man a Millionaire

Updated on January 14, 2016

Crafting a Sales Pitch to Sell Anything

You've heard it before and you'll hear it again "You need to have an awesome Sales Pitch!" to make the sale. Whether you call it awesome, gripping, inspirational, or attention grabbing, all marketing coaches focus on the need for a strong Sales Pitch.

The Sales Pitch is what drives the sale, it is what convinces us to buy something we did not know we needed just a few minutes earlier. Infomercials do this very well; it is the very premise of their success - to get you to buy NOW.

As marketers, creating that perfect Sales Pitch is what we are looking for. Whether we are selling affiliate products or our own goods and creations, we are looking for that Sales Pitch to move our visitors into buyers.

What I wish to share with you here is a video I stumbled upon recently, it shows how a man has become a millionaire by selling Potato Peelers. Think about that, Potato Peelers, something we all already have in our collection of kitchen gadgets yet he convinces many to buy his peeler. After you watch the video I share a few observations of what I learned from his Sales Pitch, thoughts that I have posted around my desk.

The Potato Peeler Sales Pitch

The infamous New York salesman is Joe Ades, a remarkable man who sold this peeler on the streets of Union Square till he passed away February 1, 2009. I understand his daughter continues his legacy selling the same peeler in Union Square.

Swisspro Vegetable Peeler

Not visiting New York soon? No problem, get your Swisspro Vegetable Peeler promoted by Joe Ades right here courtesy of Amazon. Yes of course, I bought it too.

"Anyone can use it, whether you are right handed, left handed, or -- like a politician -- underhanded. It's Swiss quality! See that loop on the side? That gets the eyes of your potatoes, and cleans up pineapples without wasting any fruit! It even slices cheese into wafer thin slices, effortlessly!"

"This thing really works!"

My Observations of the Sales Pitch

part 1

These are the key points that I have posted around my desk to read and re-read every time I create a website or write an article focused on selling products. I don't know about you but I need refreshers from time to time to keep my thoughts on track. I just love this guy and how he shines at making his Sales Pitch without sounding like the old-time Snake Oil Salesman.

1. Demonstrate that you are an authority and spout your credibility - note the Newspaper articles to his right and the Vanity Fair article in the vegetable bin to his left.

2. The influence of the subtle sale- note that Joe says he won't ask for your money, remember he is selling the peeler on the streets of New York and doesn't want to look like a pan-handler. Joe though does ask for the sale after all that is the purpose.

3. Use the power of persuasion - Joe persuades the buyer who just happened by that they needed this peeler by professing the appeal to women and busy moms, "You do that for the kids, they'll eat their vegetables - they'll think its candy." - Note that Joe is constantly and effortlessly using his product while he talks, convincing the buyer that they will safe time with this peeler.

4. Point out the alarming consequences of not buying - Joe picks up a standard basic potato peeler and says "You can't slice a potato like that with one of these peelers." This is an image everyone can picture and it moves the visitor toward becoming a buyer.

5. Be yourself, talk in conversational tone to your audience - Joe comes across as a down-to-earth, likeable and trustworthy guy through his direct approach and humor. He puts his audience at ease.

My Observations of the Sales Pitch

part 2

6. Look through your buyers eyes, why do they need what you are selling? - Joe does this by pointing out the time saving aspects of the peeler and hands it to a person to use and they respond quite favorably. Always promote your products benefits in real world scenarios.

7. Show proof of popularity to gain acceptance - When ready to make the sale Joe pulls out a large wad of money which conveys the point that many have bought this peeler and that you should too.

8. Lock them in, create the "I can't live without this" mindset - Get the waffling buyer converted by constantly talking about the product's strong points, how it will solve their problem or satisfy their need and move that into your value proposition.

9. Have a special offer - This can be provided as a discount when selling your own products if bought in quantity, or by adding a special report or e-book to your website. This is your value-add to your customer making them happy with their purchase.

10. Ask for the sale - Oddly enough this is what many do poorly, yes even me. It is easy to assume that when you have your buyer's interest and they seem to be in agreement that the obvious next step is for them to make the purchase. But instead you have not asked for the sale and they walk or click away.

Care to share your thoughts on the Sales Pitch of Joe?

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