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Sandwich Trend Rises, Survey Shows

Updated on March 7, 2016

Once upon a time sandwiches were thought of as a meal best prepared at home. Sandwiches were simple to manufacture, portable, and varied in taste and health benefits. The days of homemade exclusivity are long gone as Technomic, a fact-finding source for data in the foodservice industry, has determined that consumers are purchasing nearly half of their sandwiches outside their homes. This increase is substantial, as it was 44% lower just two years ago.

According to the analysis conducted by Technomic, 68% of 1,000 people interviewed stated that sandwiches satisfy their hunger, 44% cited price points for sandwiches as desirable, and 32% ate sandwiches as a healthier meal alternative.

Additional reasons for the spark in sandwiches include:

Diversity and range

The cold-cut-trio and BLT are no longer specialties. Restaurants are offering sandwiches with endless customization possibilities from the bread selections, mustard types, different cheeses, lettuce assortments, and even meat selections. Customers can have a sandwich everyday of the month and have a completely new experience every time.

More than lunch

Sandwiches used to be too much for breakfast and not quite enough for dinner. Today restaurants are expanding their sandwich menus to provide a sandwich for every meal of the day.

No one left behind

Gluten-intolerant consumers used to be left out of the sandwich trend. However, with new menu selections offering gluten-free breads and ingredients, no one is left behind.


With Americans using phones for computers and video cameras and holding face-to-face conversations countries a part, time is of the essence. Who has time to sit down and enjoy lunch? Sandwiches can be ordered as take-out and eaten on the way to the next meeting.

As it stands today, sandwiches are becoming even more popular. Technomic finds that 41% of consumers want a mini version of their favorite sandwich at their choice restaurants for light meals and snacks. This is a 15% increase from the same demand in 2010.

So, when was the last time you ate a sandwich?

Learn to Eat a Food You Really Hate Without Wanting to Throw up

You shouldn't force yourself to eat green vegetables or any other food that you really don't like. But if you need to eat them for a specific reason, there are ways to get around it.

  1. Mix the food with another food that you like. For example, pour cheese over steamed brocoli.
  2. Chop it into little pieces and include it in a soup with many other vegetables and meat.
  3. Eat the food you don't like a little bit at a time. Don't force yourself to eat a bunch of it just to get used to it. Eat a very small amount and work your way up each time.
  4. Don't breathe! It sounds silly but many studies suggest that a considerable portion (about 80%) of our sense of taste depends on our sense of smell. Just remember how dull some meals taste when you have a cold and a stuffy nose. Try not to smell the food and you should be fine. However, be prepared to experience the aftertaste when you finally do breathe through the nose.


  • - Look in a recipe book to find many ideas for mixing vegetables with other foods.
  • There are lots of different ways to spice up a meal, experiment a little.
  • You can take a vitamin supplement as a substitute for these foods, but there is often nutrition in food that you can't get from a pill.
  • I know this sounds silly, but salt and pepper can really do the trick! Even if you must use a lot, It can really help!

Warnings don't make yourself sick, if you can avoid it.


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