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Seafood Gifts

Updated on February 18, 2013

Seafood Gifts - Food Products, Accesories, Art and More

This page showcases gift ideas, products and other examples of seafood gifts.

These include seafood fresh from the boat such as lobsters, crabs, shrimp, clams, oysters, scallops, mussels, fish and other seafood. Several types of fresh seafood are available online, ready to be shipped overnight in special chilled containers.

Other gift ideas include prepared and packaged seafood such as smoked salmon or other fish, canned smoked oysters, caviar, canned stews and other delicacies.

Collectibles are another type of seafood gift. Among the most popular collectibles are t shirts, coffee mugs, calendars, posters, prints, paintings, photography, sculptures and other seafood-related products.

Seafood Gift Ideas

Seafood is a traditional food in many holiday cuisines, so its popularity as a Christmas or other holiday gift is understandable. These traditions vary by region, often including whatever seafood is available locally in season.

In areas such as the Mid-Atlantic Coast, oysters are popular for Thanksgiving and Christmas. In the northeast, family dinners might include rich chowders made with clams, cod, haddock or other local seafood. Lobster is another item that may be served in New England during the holidays.

Similarly, West coast families might serve King crab, Dungeness crab or wild Pacific salmon for a holiday meal. Along the Gulf Coast, Cajun and other cuisines use shrimp, crawfish, catfish and other seafood in holiday dishes.

In the USA, coastal communities have always served seafood as part of family meals. Regional seafood dishes became a holiday tradition throughout much of North America. After a few generations of coastal residents left their small fishing towns to live elsewhere, the demand for seafood as a holiday food spread across the nation, creating a need for shipped seafood.

Fortunately the seafood industry has responded with a variety of solutions. A wide range of non-perishable products are available now for seafood enthusiasts and holiday shoppers. Items such as smoked salmon, canned oysters, pre-cooked seafood soups, chowders and stews are all offered in forms that do not require refrigeration.

For shoppers that want the highest possible quality, seafood is available fresh from the boat. Lobsters, crabs, shrimp, clams, oysters, scallops, mussels, fish and other seafood is all available online, ready to be shipped overnight in special chilled containers. Online stores also offer frozen seafood products, either uncooked or fully cooked meal entrees.

Smoked Salmon

Smoked salmon makes an excellent gift for seafood lovers. The products are available in no-refrigeration needed packages and can be ordered online. Buyers can choose from wild Pacific salmon or farm raised Atlantic species.

Seafood Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are another option when choosing a seafood-related gift for a loved one. Baskets are available that contain single types of products or a mixture of several items such as smoked salmon or other fish, canned smoked oysters, caviar, canned stews and other delicacies.

Gift baskets are extremely popular for outdoorsmen as many come with combinations of seafood, wild game, cheeses, condiments and other treats.

Seafood Cookbooks

Seafood cookbooks are a perennial favorite gift. These are available at local bookstores or via online specialty stores.


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