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The World of Seafood

Updated on July 27, 2016

Seafood Recipes and Guide

For centuries, humans have been enjoying seafood. This page is designed especially for lovers of seafood. On this page you will get links to interesting seafood recipes, seafood cooking tips, health issues relating to seafood, and listings of seafood related items for sale on Amazon and eBay that a seafood lover may find useful or interesting. There will also be videos on how to cook specific kinds of seafood.

Guide to Buying Seafood

How to know if the fish is fresh

1. Make sure that its eyes are bright and clear.

2. Make sure that its body is metallic and clean.

3. Make sure the color if its gills are rich red.

4. Make sure it smells like clean water

More tips on how to buy fresh fish can be found here

How to know if the shellfish is fresh

It is best to buy a shellfish when it is alive. To see if it is alive,

1. Tap on it's shell gently and if it closes its shell, it is fresh and alive.

How to know if the shrimp or prawn is fresh

1. Make sure that its shell is glossy and firm

2. Make sure its shell is not broken or feels slippery.

3. Make sure its head or shell is not discolored.

4. Make sure that its eyes are shiny and prominent

5. Make sure that its eyes are not missing or shrunken inwards.

More tips on how to buy shrimps or prawns can be found here

Seafood Recipes

You can use fish make great simple but tasty soup. Here's a mixed vegetable and pink-cusk eel soup. Pink-cush eel is also known as the Australian rockling. It's easy to prepare this soup as you will see below.


Carrots - 2 or 3.

Marrow from the Chinese or Asian grocery store - 1.

Tomatoes - 2.

Zucchinies - 3.

Ginger - 1 piece.

Water - 12 cups.

Rockling (Middle portion) - 1 piece.

Onion - 1.

Spring onions - 2 stocks.

Parsley - 2 stocks.

Salt - 1 teaspoon.

White pepper - 1 dash.

Light soy sauce - 1 tablespoon.


1. Scrap the skin off carrots marrow, and zucchinies.

2. Slice the carrots.

3. Cut tomatoes into wedges.

4. Cut zucchinies into wedges

5. Cut marrow into wedges.

6. Scrap the skin of the ginger.

7. Cut the ginger into half.

8. Cut the rockling into bite or desirable size

9. Pour water into stainless steel pot.

10. Pour carrots, tomatoes, ginger, and marrow into pot.

11. Brim to boil for around 10 to 20 mins

12. Put fish in while boiling.

13. Lower the fire.

14. Keep the soup boiling for another hour

15. Pour in the soy sauce and the salt into the soup.

16. Wash the the Chinese parsley and the spring onions.

17. Garnish with spring onion and the leaves of the Chinese parsley. Remember to use only the leaves.

18. Season to taste with white pepper.

Your soup is now ready to be served. Instead of pink-cusk eel, you may also use Blue Grenadier,

Here are some links to web pages where you can get more seafood recipes:


2. seafood recipes





Seafood Cooking Tips

Prawn vs Shrimp

Both a prawn and a shrimp look alike and some people use the terms interchangeably. But in reality, they are both different. However, whether the species is called a shrimp or prawn it also depends on where

you live. In the United States, a prawn is any shrimp that is larger. What is called a shrimp in the United States is called a prawn in Australia.

The difference between a prawn and shrimp can be found in:

1. The way the body segments overlap one another.

Prawn: The first segment overlaps the second segment, the second segment overlaps the third segment, and so on

Shrimp: The second segment overlaps the the first and third segment, and so on.

2. The way the claws and legs are arranged.

Prawn: Three claws on each side.

Shrimp: Two claws on each side.

3. The way the gills are being structured.

Prawn: Gills are branching.

Shrimp: Gills are lamellar.

More on the difference between a prawn and a shrimp can be found here

Seafood Spaghetti Recipe Video

Pepperoni Clam and Mussel Seafood Recipe Video

The Sea Creatures Ship Video

The Seafood Poll

What is your most favorite way of preparing seafood?

See results

Please share your thoughts on seafood here.

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