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Japanese seaweed salad – gorgeous side dish that will make you want it over and over again.

Updated on August 12, 2012

Most people are not very familiar with Japanese seaweed salad. Lots of people are hesitant about a salad made from seaweeds because they fear that it might be very fishy. However, with a skilled Japanese chef, this dish turns into a delightful masterpiece. I fear the fishy taste in most seafood and can detect the slightest fishy smell in all foods. This delicious salad is also called wakame seaweed salad or goma wakame and is very common in Japan. The Japanese seaweed salad deserves its own hub because it is a very healthy side in addition to being extremely delicious.

What is it and what does it look like? There are several versions of seaweed salads. The one that I am talking about is the Japanese seaweed salad. It is bright green in color and has several different types of wakame. You can get this salad at most Japanese restaurants and Asian supermarkets. However, I find that the ones from Asian supermarkets have a slight fishy smell. I would recommend trying this salad at a good sushi restaurant to decide if you look it or not.

Is it healthy for you? Many are not familiar with seaweed and certainly not seaweed salad. However, it is from the sea and very healthy for you. Because it is not deep fried, you don't really have to worry about its calories. Many restaurants put toasted sesame seeds on them. In my opinion, it makes the salad even more delicious.

What is in the salad? It is difficult to find the dried salad mix in stores or supermarkets. In fact, I haven't found it yet. For those that are familiar with seaweeds, the ingredients in this salad look nothing like regular seaweed. According to my former Japanese roommate, the wakame is an algae from the ocean. This salad is then seasoned with sesame, vinegar, chilli and sugar.

The price of the goma wakame salad? This is an expensive side dish sold at most if not all Japanese restaurants. The wakame seaweed salad will go well with a variety of sushi, sashimi and most other Japanese foods. Even if you decide to make your own, it is not cheap either. Some specialty online retailers claim that they have the dried goma mix. I have not purchased any of them because I am hesitant about the quality or how to properly make it without any fishy smells. I would suggest that you first give this delicious little dish a try at an authentic Japanese restaurant.


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    • Claudia Tello profile image

      Claudia Tello 5 years ago from Mexico

      You are absolutely right, this is a "delightful masterpiece" none the less. I really recommend this salad as well; one of my all time favorites. It is very simple yet complex and exotic and has all the crunchiness and nice texture of veggies with a plus.