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Coffee So Good You'll Want A Second Cup

Updated on May 2, 2017

How To Make Great Coffee Start With Very Hot Water

Article By Sharon Stajda

Is your coffee so tasty that you always reach for that second cup? If not, I have some tips on how to make a perfect cup. It's easy to make great coffee, but there are a few secrets to the process. I will share these simple secrets with you.

The first step to making a good pot of coffee, is having the right coffee maker. A good cup of coffee starts with a good coffee maker. All coffee makers are not created equal. I am sure you are thinking that I am promoting a certain coffee maker, I am not. I will leave the choice of coffee maker up to you. I hope to provide the one key element you need to know about coffee makers. You simply need a coffee maker that produces very hot water. The hotter the water the better the steep of the coffee grind. If the maker does not produce very hot water, it will not brew a tasty cup of coffee. So, before purchasing a coffee maker do your homework, read reviews, talk to friends. There are some great coffee makers on the market that aren't costly and do produce the hot steep to produce a great pot of coffee. When you decide on a coffee maker, comparative prices. You will be shocked at how much you can save by comparative shopping. At present I am using the Cuisinart 12-cup Brew Central, it makes a great tasting hot pot of coffee, and has all the bells and whistles.

The second tip, Choosing the coffee bean, and picking your personal roast. Quality coffee can only come from a quality coffee bean that has been properly roasted. The process of roasting a coffee bean is complex, and can result in a coffee bean tasting very different depending on how it is roasted. If you desire a strong intense flavor to your coffee, choose a dark roast ( French Roast). If you like to a light flavor less intense flavor, choose a lighter roast. Always use coffee beans, not pre - ground coffee beans. Ground coffee loses its flavor quickly after being ground, and its essence.. Grinding just before you brew will assure you that none of the flavor is lost due to the beans shelve life.

Here is the comes the tricky part, but the most important part of making a good cup of coffee. There are two things that can really ruin coffee. Number one, how much coffee you add per cup, and two not grinding the bean to suit your particular coffee maker. Most coffee makers will come with instructions on how much coffee you should add per cup. Actually the coffee makers are usually pretty right on in regard to how much coffee should be used per cup.. But, everyone has a different coffee strength they prefer. So I suggest making a pot as the coffee maker instructs. Then if it is too strong or to weak, you can then work on the amount of coffee measurement per cup. I use one tablespoon per cup, this as a rule provides a mildly strong flavored cup of coffee.

Up For A Quiz? How To Choose A Coffee Bean To Suit Your Taste Buds

Discover Just The Right Coffee Beans For You

What flavor do you prefer? 1.nutty 2.fruity 3.spicy 4.sweet

How do you prefer steak cooked? 1.rare 2.medium rare 3.medium well 4.well done

What's your very Favorite fruit? 1.Grapefruit 3.melon 4.banana

How do you like marshmallows? 1.White 2.golden dark 3.brown 4.burned

What wine do you prefer? 1.Dry White 2.sweet white 3.light body red 4.heavy body red

Which chocolate do you like? (Counts as 1. 0r 2.)milk chocolate (Counts as 3.0r 4.)Dark chocolate.

Which grapes do you prefer? (Counts as 1.and 2.)White (Counts as 3. and 4.)Red.

How do you prefer your food? (Counts as 1.and 2.)Sauteed (Counts as 3.0r 4.)Barbecue.

Total # in each column?

If you had the most 1. You most likely will prefer: Columbia, Kona Blend, La Minta Peaaberry or perennial coffee.

Higher choices of # 2: Try Costa Rica, Daybreak, Guatemala or Kenya AA.

Higher choices in # 3: Try Caribou Blend, Fireside blend, mocha Java or Rainforest.

Higher choices in # 4: Try Espresso, French Roast, Sumatra or Reindeer blend.

The Grind Level

The Coffee makers will as a rule suggest what level of grind that works well with their given product. I have found that if one likes a rich cup of coffee, a bit on the strong side, grind your beans a medium grind. The gives the hot water a bit of steeping time. If you like a bit weaker, grind your coffee fine, the coffee maker will send the water through quickly, giving a smooth bit of a weaker cup. My favorite grind is between the two, fine to medium. I find this grind gives a great favorable cup of coffee.

Always use cold filtered water when brewing your coffee. The water you use represents 98% of your cup of coffee. Filtering the water will remove impurities that could affect the taste. Poor quality water can come from a variety of sources. Example, older house will have older pipes. Theses pipes tend to give the water an off flavor. You will want to remove this by filtering. The basic rule is the better the water, the better the coffee.

Skip the paper filters and go for the gold. Yes, these are 23k Gold plated stainless steel filters. Paper filters will influence the flavor of the coffee in a negative manner. The Gold plated filters influence the flavor by allowing natural oils to infiltrate into your brew, adding a level of flavor and aroma you wont find with paper coffee filters. Another plus is that these filters can be reused over and over, and will last a very long time. Not only will your coffee be better, but you will be helping the environment by saving on waste.

The correct amount of coffee grounds to water is important.

The amount of coffee grounds to water will depend on personal taste. I like a slightly strong cup of coffee, perhaps you like a bit weaker understated taste, or something in between? I must also mention all coffee makers are not created equal. Where a french press will make a strong pot using one tablespoon per cup of water, a particular drip maker may produce a medium flavored coffee using one tablespoon per cup of water. I suggest one get to know their coffee maker, starting out by following the manufacturer's instructions on measurement of coffee to water.

When I buy a new coffee maker, I always start with the one level tablespoon to one cup water, and tweak it from there. I have found this a most satisfactory method to end up with a personalized coffee taste.

Cut down on the sugar, cream, and other flavor add-ins to really enjoy the true essence of the brew. If we disguise the coffee to much; we will never know the true taste. Part of what makes a great cup of coffee is how and when we enjoy it. We all have our favorite time and rituals. For me, nothing beats enjoying a great cup of coffee on a Sunday morning and reading the paper.

The French Press

The French Press Coffee Maker

Note how the French press coffee maker is running a close second with the drip coffee maker?

You wondering why the French Press is so popular? A French press give you the control over water temperature. Remember the hotter the water, the better cup of coffee. The hotter water temperatures bring out all the flavor of the coffee beans.

If you have not tried a French Press, give it a try. You'll be hooked!

How To Make Perfect Coffee In A Press Pot

French Coffee Maker

Francois et Mimi Double Wall French Coffee Press, 34-Ounce, Stainless Steel
Francois et Mimi Double Wall French Coffee Press, 34-Ounce, Stainless Steel

I own A Francois French press. I like this type of press due to its double walled feature. It keeps coffee nice and hot for about an hour.


What Type Of Coffee Maker Do You Prefer?

See results

Whole Foods Coffee

Whole Foods 365 Columbian Coffee. So Smooth, and Tasty! Whole Foods 365 Colombian bean is a step above most. The bean give a wonderfully smooth, sweet and mild, yet full flavored cup of coffee. It also is a good value costing $9.99 for 1lb. 8oz bag. Give this one a try, its great..

An Air Tight Canister Is The Best Way To Store Coffee


Storing Coffee Beans

Where you purchase your coffee beans, and how you store them can make a big difference, when it comes down to the taste & aroma.

As a rule coffee taste best if consumed within a month of roasting. After that it will began to lose its roasted flavor, and aroma. Most well known coffee house chains maintain selves with fresh coffee. Supermarkets are another story?

To keep your coffee fresh, store it in an airtight container, that is opaque. Keep it on a counter or cupboard. Never freeze or refrigerate.

The decreased temperatures cause condensation, which ultimately dries out the beans, and depletes the flavor, and aroma.

"Please talk among yourselves"Linda Richman (Mike Myers) SNL.


You Have To "Talk The Talk"


Coffee Word Wise. Word of the day - Klatch

Klatch or coffee klatsch also kaf·fee·klatsch.

NOUN: A casual social gathering for coffee and conversation.

ETYMOLOGY: Partial translation of German Kaffeeklatsch : Kaffee, coffee + Klatsch, gossip; see klatch.

So Are You Up For A Short Quiz? Take the quiz below, and discover your ideal bean.

A Bit Of Coffee House Lingo

Cafe Con Panna- An espresso topped with a bit of whip cream

Cafe Au Lait- Made French style with lots of boiled milk, poured simultaneously into a large cup.

Cafe Amaretto- A cup of black coffee with a shot of Amaretto or almond syrup.

Breve- An espresso served with half & half or semi skimmed milk.

Cafe Con Leche - a small amount of espresso (1½ ounce) with the cup topped of with steamed milk, right to the top.

Barista- This is the title of an espresso Bartender

Americano- An espresso badly watered down!

Americano Misto- An Americano with steamed milk, but with lack of foam.

Add Shot- Tell the Barista. To add an extra shot of espresso.

Please tell me about your favorite coffee maker.

If you love coffee, most likely you love to klatch? Please take time to tell us about your favorite coffee maker? We all know a great cup of coffee starts with the coffee maker.

Please take time to tell us about your favorite coffee maker?

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    • profile image

      WriterBuzz 7 years ago

      Your lens is great. Very informative. I liked your lens with a thumbs up.

    • Sharlee01 profile image

      Sharon Stajda 8 years ago from Shelby Township Michigan

      Hi Jim,

      Leaving out such an important aspect of what makes a great cup of coffee was an oversight on my part. I actually prepared the paragraph on measurement , but for reasons unknown, it was overlook when posting the lens? Thanks for the heads - up... Shar

    • profile image

      alberttwolf 8 years ago

      I use french press the most (1 mug size), it's quick and makes good coffee, but vacuum brewer is good too, not to mention fun.

    • profile image

      The-Coffee-Guy 9 years ago

      I love my French press. Makes a great tasting cup of coffee. And I agree that the grinding of the beans is very important.

    • profile image

      gourmetcoffeesnob 10 years ago

      Hi Shar,

      For your serious consideration may I recommend a spotajava coffee exclusive...

      Premium Connoisseur Peaberry coffee

      Always Drink Better Coffee

      SpotaJava Coffee

    • Sharlee01 profile image

      Sharon Stajda 10 years ago from Shelby Township Michigan

      Cuisinart 12-cup Brew Central

      Product ID: DCC-1200

      This coffeemaker makes it easy to enjoy life's greatest pleasuresâthat first cup of coffee in the morning. Programmable up to 24 hours, automatic shut off, digital machine can make 4 cups or 12,brew stops so you can pour a cup midcycle. Custom plate heat control, keeping coffee hot after it's brewed. Features a water filtration system for fresh-tasting coffee, an indicator light that signals coffees done.

    • profile image

      anonymous 10 years ago

      I use a drip maker, a french press, espresso maker, and moka pot. I am always wanting to try new ways of brewing site, thanks for all the info.