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Simple Healthy Egg Recipes

Updated on April 12, 2011
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Gordon loves cooking and experimenting with food. He loves making new dishes, particularly with unusual or under-used ingredients.

Eggs - Recipes to Stun and Impress

Eggs are often a very misunderstood cooking ingredient. They are often blamed for being high in cholesterol or for causing salmonella food poisoning. The reality is, however, that when consumed in moderation and prepared in the correct fashion, eggs are extremely nutritious. This site is therefore dedicated to providing healthy egg recipes on an an ongoing basis and to considering the many different ways in which we can prepare eggs in a healthy and nutritious fashion.

Healthy Bacon and Egg Recipe

Bacon and egg is of course a very popular combination, particularly at breakfast time. How often, however, is it truly served in what is anything approaching a healthy fashion. Frequently, both the bacon and the egg - as well as any other accompaniments - are fried in saturated fat. This is a healthy bacon and egg recipe which is just as tasty if not more so than the traditional recipe.

Ingredients (Per Person)

3 eggs

4 bacon medallions

Half a tomato

Knob of butter

Salt and pepper for seasoning


Break the eggs in to a small bowl and beat them with a fork or whisk. Season to taste with salt and freshly ground black pepper.

Put the bacon medallions under a hot grill to cook for a couple of minutes each side or to preferred extent. Melt a little butter in a small, non-stick saucepan and add the egg mixture, stirring occasionally with a wooden spoon until the eggs are scrambled.

Put the bacon medallions and tomato on a plate and spoon on the scrambled egg as shown in the picture. Serve immediately.

Cheese and Tomato Filling added to Omelette
Cheese and Tomato Filling added to Omelette
Cheese and Tomato Omelette
Cheese and Tomato Omelette

Healthy Cheese and Tomato Omelette Recipe

Omelettes of course come with a variety of different fillings. This simple cheese and tomato omelette, however, is just as delicious as any.


3 eggs

1 small tomato (de-seeded and roughly chopped)

1 cherry tomato for garnishing (quartered)

1oz hard cheese such as cheddar (grated or shredded)

Salt and pepper to taste

Knob of butter for frying


Break the eggs in to a small bowl and whisk them thoroughly. Season to taste.

Melt the butter gently in a small, non-stick frying pan. Add the egg mixture. In the early stages of cooking, draw the egg mixture in towards the centre from arround the edges with a spatula. Refrain from this practise once the eggs begin to set.

When the eggs are almost completely set, add the chopped tomato and then the cheese to one half only, as shown. Fold the other half over on top and serve with the cherry tomato.

Healthy Poached Egg on Toasted Bread Roll with Salad Recipe

This healthy egg recipe truly is simplicity itself. Ten minutes tops is all it takes to prepare and cook this dish from start to finish.


1 egg

Half a bread roll

2 tomatoes

3" of cucumber

2 or three basil leaves


Put a large pan of water on to boil and add about 1 tbsp of white wine vinegar. Break the egg in to a cup and when the water has reached a rolling boil, turn down the heat to medium and stir the water rapidly to create a whirlpool effect. Gently deposit the egg in to the centre of the whirlpool and simmer for four to five minutes.

Slice the tomatoes and cucumber and arrange on a plate as shown, before toasting the bread roll half.

Plate the toasted roll in the centre and place the well drained egg on top. Garnish with the torn basil leaves.

Healthy Egg Salad on Toast Recipe

This simple healthy egg recipe is one which can be served for breakfast, in larger quantities for lunch, or perhaps even as an appetizer or starter.


1 egg

2 tsp low fat mayonnaise

1 small shallot (finely chopped)

4 finely torn basil leaves

Salt to taste


Place the egg in a pot and add enough cold water to completely cover it. Bring the water to a boil and simmer for six minutes. Run the pot under cold water, crack the eggs's shell and carefully peel the shell away.

Put the egg, mayonnaise, shallot, basil and salt in a small bowl and mix thoroughly with a fork to break up the egg.

Make a slice of toast and use a large circular cutter to cut a circle as large as possible in the toast. Serve the egg salad on the circle of toast.


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