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Single Wine Bottle Holder

Updated on November 29, 2015

Single Wine Bottle Holder

Make a bold statement with a single wine bottle holder sitting on your counter top. They not only look great, but are a great conversation starter that your guests will sure be talking about more than the wine.

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Eye Catching Decorative Single Wine Bottle Holder

The secret to displaying a great bottle of wine by itself in a single wine bottle holder is that the wine holder grabs the attention of your guests. Many wine holders are just plain and don’t stand out. A true attention grabbing wine holder will stand out on whatever surface you place it on and draw attention to the wine you are displaying. Below you will find several wine holders that will display a single bottle of wine and appeal to the eyes before the wine even touches your taste buds.

Single Horizontal Wine Bottle Holder

Most wine holders are vertical, however there are a few great looking single wine bottle horizontal holders out there. Vertical wine holders almost always attach to the wall, so the holder becomes the center of attention on the wall much like a work of art would. They all look beautiful and make welcome additions to any home.

J&J Wire Wall Wine Rack, Bronze
J&J Wire Wall Wine Rack, Bronze

Wall wine racks are my wife's favorite. She loves that they are hung properly and also act as a work of decorative wine art that definately grabs your attention when you enter the room.


Cowboy Lasso Wine Bottle Holder

The lasso wine bottle holder is one of the most eye-catching single wine bottle holders out there for sale in the market today. It is made of high quality rope and the knot on the end holds the bottle of wine. The mysterious floating impression that the wine holder gives will make you and your guests go over and touch it.

Classic Wood Wine Bottle Holder

This simple yet powerful single wine bottle holder is made from Vermont pine wood and wrought iron. It is constructed to not only beautifully display a single bottle of wine, but is also great to transport a bottle of wine as well. It is simple in design and complex in looks and it will impress your guests the second they see it.

Mind Blowing Magic Single Wine Bottle Holder

If you are truly looking to impress everyone then you should look no further than the Magic single wine bottle holder. This wine holder simply stands up holding the bottle with no support anywhere! The first time you see this you will not believe your eyes. Anyone who sees it immediately moves their hand around the bottom to see what else is supporting the bottle, and they are blown away when they find out that it is truly balancing it all on it’s own. This one will WOW your guests for sure.

Magic Wine Bottle Holder Demonstration

Thumbs Up Magic Wine Bottle Holder
Thumbs Up Magic Wine Bottle Holder

Just incase you did not watch the video just above let me just say that this is one cool wine bottle holder. This one will amaze your guests if they sit down at the table and see that the bottle is somehow being held up by this holder without legs. It is a great dinner conversation starter for any party. Now that you just read this go back up and watch that video and be amazed just like I was the first time that I saw it in action.


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