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Gojju's of Bramhins in South.

Updated on February 23, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Universal Potato liked Universaly.

Our best friend in healthy eating.

The Best Cook in the World.

We the south Indians may all not be rich industrialists and merchants but we are many who are just as our govt has labeled as middle class,above poverty line and many of us Brahmins are unfit to get any help from our govt.We are forward class, We are intellectuals, We are trustworthy, We are hard workers,We are friendly,We love our neighbors, We are eligible to enter any temples, We ware the holy sacred thread, We are blessed to do chanting of Gayitri Mantra which no one is allowed including our lady's, We are not black, We were holding the top govt jobs under british rule for over 350 years.We were respected by the british when they ruled our country.We avoid intersect marriages in our own community.We avoid in our own community marriages of boys or girls of the same Gotra,Our lady's are fair and good looking.Our Lady's make the world's best GOJJU which goes with RICE or Wheat preparations like Chapathi.

What are the types of GOJJU that our lady's make:-

  • Cucumbar Gojju.
  • Tamarin Gojju.
  • Mango fruit Gojju.
  • Brinjal - Curds Gojju.
  • Jack Fruit Gojju.
  • Only Brinjal Gojju.
  • Topioka Gojju.
  • Raw Pappaya Gojju.
  • Pinple Gojju.

There are combinations of Gojju with Spices and Herbs that makes taste different each time you make these preparations which depends on experience in cooking which lady's teach their daughters or their son's wife's and this is learnt by young boys also who being poor in many cases take up work under catering contractors as assts to chief cooks.These chief cooks will make them sweat and toil till they can keep them.However the boys having seen all the tricks of these people that is the chief cooks soon take up work on their own and become catering contractors.These boys being more smart learn costing and people's consumption pattren as also the method of serving and make 30 to 40 % profit.Many are WORLD'S BEST COOKS NOW.

Let's do a simple GOJJU today.

Topioka Gojju.

Ingrdients required:

1 - Topioka - 500 gms.

2 - Red Chilli powder - 1 tbs.

3 - Salt - as you need to your taste.

4 - Green Chillis - 4 nos.

5 - Mustard Seeds - 1 tbs.

6 - Ground Nut Oil - 1/2 spoon.

7 - Coconut gratings - 2 tbs.

8 - Hing - 1/4 tbs.


Wash topioka in drinking water and boil it till it is pulpable.Use your hand and pulp it in to as many pieces as possible.Put everything in a wok and add item nos.2 , 3 , & 4.( Cut green chillis in to small pieces ) add 2 tbs of coconut gratings no.7 and place it on the burner over lowl flame and allow it to boil for 5 minutes.Transfer the contents to a ss bowl and clean the wok dry and put it on a low burner pour oil and as soon as it is heated add mustard seeds and Hing.Soon you will notice femues comming out from HING no.8 now pour it over the contents of the ss bowl.Blend well.Your GOJJU is ready to eat with anything veg or non veg.


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