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Slow Cow | The Anti-Energy Drink

Updated on August 23, 2017

My Review of Slow Cow Relaxation Drink

I finally got a chance to try Slow Cow Relaxation Beverage, also known as an anti-energy drink. I was interested to see what, if anything would happen.Every now and then you run into a day where everything seems to go badly. This day in particular was simply awful, because everything that could go wrong did. With no end in sight it even appeared that things were going to get worse.There are lots of ways to relax and calm down, everyone has their own tips and tricks, but sometimes despite your best efforts you remain stressed out.On this day, the stress had gotten to me. I could feel pain in my back and neck and knew I was completely stressed out. Worse yet, my heart was pounding, I could feel my heart in my chest and my head. Obviously my blood pressure was elevated too. Calm down I told myself and tried to take some deep breaths for fear of my high blood pressure.

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Slow Cow Relaxation Drink
Slow Cow Relaxation Drink

What Is Slow Cow Relaxation Drink?

Slow Cow Relaxation Drink is a beverage that is marketed as a smooth drink that can help "calm and soothe the mind and body". It's advertised as the perfect solution for people who are feeling tense and need help relaxing. I purchased a can of Slow Cow Relaxation Drink at the store. I had been meaning to try it out, and now was the perfect opportunity to see if it worked properly since I was already feeling tense and stressed out.The can is a simple milky to light grey color and the writing is brown. The logo has a features a cow hunched over with his head and front feet on the ground and his back legs in the air. He appears to be very lazy. Originally the logo had two cows both hunched over in opposite directions. This was in blatant mockery of the Red Bull symbol which has two angry bulls locking horns. The original can was created to look like the complete opposite of a can of Red Bull. The manufacturer of the Slow Cow Relaxation drink (Supplements Aromatik Inc) was forced to change their logo when Red Bull sent them a formal letter complaining about the similarities.

Anti-Energy Drinks VS Energy Drinks

What do you prefer? Anti-Energy Drinks OR Energy Drinks?

Why Drink an Anti-Energy Drink?

Lots of people drink energy drinks for the obvious reason that sometimes you need a boost of energy. Energy drinks are loaded with vitamins and caffeine (and sometimes sugar). They get your heart pumping, and whether or not you believe that they are good for you or not, there's no denying that energy drinks do what they are advertised to do. They work at making you feel more energetic when you feel tired and low on energy. But sometimes people need the opposite of an energy drink. Sometimes people need to simply calm down and relax. There are lots of ways to do this, but anti-energy drinks are the next thing.

The Review

The taste is good: it isn't too sweet and it doesn't have a very strong aftertaste like some other beverages. In my opinion, it tasted like a mild grape juice. It's also slightly carbonated. Due to the fact that it is sweetened with sucralose, it's also a great option for people who can't have sugar and for people on diets. In my opinion, I would probably like it more if they didn't sweeten it with anything.Unlike products that contain aspartame, that I try to stay away from when possible, sucralose has not been linked to any health issues. Sucralose is one of the better sweeteners out there. Sugar of course, is a more natural ingredient, but it increases the amount of carbohydrates in the drink and it causes cavities, sucralose does not. Additional medicinal ingredients include L-Theanine, Chamomile and Linden flower..

The Verdict

Does It Work?

About ten minutes into drinking it I started to feel the effects. I was definitely feeling more relaxed... so relaxed in fact that I felt a little sleepy. My heart was no longer pounding in my head and things seemed to return to normal too.The Slow Cow seemed to help with my stress. I wouldn’t rely on it all the time, but it’s definitely a great product to use once in a while.This might be a great solution if you are feeling stressed out and need help relaxing. I also wouldn’t recommend drinking Slow Cow if you plan on driving because you might get sleepy. I felt very tired after drinking it and had I been driving I very well could have fallen asleep at the wheel! Overall I was very happy with the product, I felt it worked well and did what I wanted it to do.

Where Can I Buy Slow Cow Relaxation Drink?

At the moment this product is only available in select stores in Quebec and New York State. According to the Slow Cow website, they plan on making their product available to the rest of North America very soon. In the meantime it is also available on amazon!

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    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      I had the chance to try Bob Marley's Mellow Mood the other day, which is another anti-energy drink, and I seriously had a hard time staying up! I have to admit that I was tired prior to drinking it, but usually a 6 hour night of sleep would never make me fall asleep all over the place. It did what it was supposed to, but a little too much for my taste, I actually had to drive my car 5 hours after drinking it and got worried that the effect would still be there. Fortunately, it wasn't, so I was able to drive without taking a risk.That being said, I was curious to give the Slow Cow a try, so I had one tonight, about a little more than 30 minutes ago. I gotta admit that I'm still not sure if I do feel an effect or not. I do believe I'm feeling less stressed right now, but still unsure if it's psychological (placebo effect). It might be less risky for Slow Cow to be without Melatonin, but on the other end, I feel that Melatonin was actually the one guilty for the bigger effect with Marley's Mellow Mood. In my opinion, it had a strong "apple juice" taste.So I guess at the end, it all depends on what you're going for. A stressful day at work, I'd probably be looking more into a Slow Cow (less stress but no sleepiness), but a night with insomnia (like tonight!), I would have picked a Marley's Mellow Mood with melatonin to go straight to bed after less than an hour of drinking my can.Hope it helps to give you a better idea of what it's like!

    • profile image

      ConvenientCalendar 4 years ago

      Never heard of an anti energy drink! Thanks for sharing!

    • profile image

      ConvenientCalendar 4 years ago

      Never heard of an anti energy drink! Thanks for sharing!

    • Stacy Fordham profile image

      Stacy Fordham 5 years ago

      I've never had an energy drink or an anti-energy drink. Coke is good enough for me. :)

    • newmorningdews profile image

      newmorningdews 5 years ago

      I like to drink cow milk... I drink it regularly ...Never tried a serious energy drink though....Visited Ireland once and had an energy drink called velocity ... refreshing :)

    • Katie Hazel profile image

      Katie Hazel 5 years ago

      @SusanDeppner: I thought it would taste milky too, it doesn't: it really reminds me of grape juice!

    • SusanDeppner profile image

      Susan Deppner 5 years ago from Arkansas USA

      I hope Slow Cow catches on. I thought it might have a milk taste, though, by the name. Great idea!

    • takkhisa profile image

      Takkhis 5 years ago

      I have never heard of Slow Cow as well, I am not sure i would get that here in our local market.

    • Linda BookLady profile image

      Linda Jo Martin 5 years ago from Post Falls, Idaho, USA

      I've never heard of the Slow Cow drink before, but that's not surprising. I live in the remote boonies where new products aren't found.