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Smoked Salmon

Updated on November 29, 2014

Smoked Salmon Information

This page has online sources of smoked salmon as well as articles, books, t shirts, gifts, photos, links and other information related to salmon.

Smoked salmon's appearance and succulent flavor make it among the top seafood delicacies.

Salmon is high in Omega-3 fatty acids which are critical nutrients for the human body.

Studies have shown that smoked salmon has a very low level of mercury compared to other ocean fish.

The Journal of American Medicine Association recently published a report stating adding Wild Alaskan Smoked Salmon at least once a week to your diet may cut the risk of sudden cardiac death in half.

Types of Smoked Salmon - Hot and Cold Smoked

Salmon is normally preserved by one of two methods; hot-smoking or cold-smoking.

Hot-smoking is a process by which the fish is smoked from 6 to 12 hours at temperatures ranging from 120 to 180 degrees (F). The time and temperature depend on the size of the fish, how close it is to the source of smoke and the degree of flavor desired.

Cold-smoking utilizes lower temperatures (under 90 degrees)and curing times from 1 day to 3 weeks. There are many variations of cold smoking salmon.

Indian-cure salmon is a form of cold smoked salmon jerky. Scotch-smoked, Danish-smoked and Irish-smoked salmon are geographical variations of cold-smoked Atlantic salmon. European kippered salmon is made from whole salmon that has been split before being brined and cold-smoked. Lox is another type of cold smoked salmon, of which there are several variations.

smoked salmon salad
smoked salmon salad

How to Serve Smoked Salmon

Smoked salmon is delicious served in a variety of ways. This highly sought after fish is available in several forms such as whole fillets, steaks and skinless sections. Most packages require only refrigeration and keep for long periods of time.

Before preparing smoked salmon, it is best to remove the skin and any dark meat. The remaining meat can be eaten as is, simmered, warmed on a grill or flaked and made into salads, dips or salmon cakes.

Lox - Cold Smoked Salmon

A traditional method of preparing salmon is called lox. Lox is salmon that has been cured and usually cold smoked. Cold smoking does not cook the fish, resulting in its characteristic smooth texture similar to the raw product. Lox is often sliced thin and served on a bagel with cream cheese or other toppings.

There are several variations of lox:

Regular or belly lox is brined in a solution of water, salt, sometimes sugars and spices. This technique is called "wet brining". After brining, the fish is cold smoked.

Nova or Nova Scotia lox is similar to regular lox, but cured with a milder brine and cold smoked. The name originates from a time when New York imported the bulk of salmon from Nova Scotia. The name refers to the milder brining, as compared to regular lox. This process is not limited to fish from Nova Scotia.

Scottish lox uses a mixture of salt and sometimes sugars, spices and other flavorings are applied directly to the meat of the fish for a period of time. This process is called "dry brining" or "Scottish style". The brine mixture is then rinsed off, and the fish is cold smoked.

Scandinavian or Nordic lox is made from salt cured and cold smoked salmon.

Gravad lox, Gravad lax or Gravlax - This is a traditional Scandinavian means of preparing lox (salmon). Gravad lox is not smoked. The salmon is coated with a spice mixture, which may include dill, sugars, and juniper berry. It is then weighted down to force the moisture from the fish and enhance its flavor.

Smoked Salmon Feedback

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    • Wendy L Henderson profile image

      Wendy Henderson 

      9 years ago from PA

      There is nothing like smoked salmon on a bagel with cream cheese. Yummy!

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Great resources for salmon recipes. It's useful for salmon lover like me. Thanks.

      Great Collections of Recipes for Salmon and Exciting Ways How to Cook Fresh Salmon


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