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Some Helpful Suggestions For Single Mothers Who Do Not Know Or Like To Cook

Updated on August 23, 2016

Cooking, for many mothers, is the final frontier-an unexplored aspect of family life. The thought of standing in the kitchen preparing healthy and tasty meals is not a priority for all mothers. Let us face it cooking is a chore and not every parent enjoys or cares to do so. But there are some home-cook meals that can help mothers get in and out of the kitchen expeditiously.

Past Cooking Experience

Not every mother knows how to cook. Not everyone was taught to cook at the age of 13 and made to cook for family members after school. Who cooked regularly for a large family. Some mothers, in particular single mothers, did not have the privilege of preparing Christmas breakfast, lunch and dinner at an early age. Consequently, with their own families these mothers are unaware of the rudiments of preparing a meal. Therefore the thought of cooking scares and often overwhelms them.

Just Don’t Want To Cook

Then, there are mothers who are fully aware of cooking fundamentals. They were made to cook for mother, father, and siblings at an early age day in and day out whether they wanted to or not. Taking this experience within their new family unit, they cannot enjoy cooking and consciously decided to strike, to refuse to go into the kitchen.

CC by Flickr
CC by Flickr | Source

What They Feed Their Children

These parents, the ones who never learned how to cook and the ones who know how but refuse to cook, frequent fast-food and sit down restaurants. Their children think of home cooking as a foreign concept and have yet to appreciate the value of a home cooked meal. For these children, breakfast, lunch and dinner consist of processed food. They have yet to observe the simmering of a pot on a fire. They cannot relate to the chopping of onions, tomatoes and parsley to add to the meat in the pot on top of a stove. Their palate, exposed mainly to processed and fast-foods frequently seek the gratification of only those types of meals.

CC by Flickr
CC by Flickr | Source

Children in particular love to have their pancakes made in special shapes. They enjoying pretending they are eating a particular object of interest.

They Aspire

But mothers know best and these mothers know that an unprocessed home cooked meal is unparalleled. They know they have to push forward to healthy meals from steaming pots and heated ovens. They recognize the importance of developing good eating habits, that what their children eat today will affect them tomorrow. With trepidation they work toward making changes, they work toward cooking within the home. They aspire to cook and came try to come up with some quick, easy healthy meals that their children will appreciate.

Breakfast Anyone?

They began with breakfast, the most important meal of the day. If children do not eat in the morning they turn into grumpy disruptive students; they are also more likely to overeat and make poor nutritious choices. While it is important to eat something in the morning, it is more important that the meal be healthy. A nutritious breakfast fuels the brain, provides the body with much needed sustenance to get through the day. Experts recommend that breakfast consist of fruit, grain, vegetable, protein, and dairy. In fact every meal should contain these five items. When serving breakfast to your children remember to keep it very simple. Remember to serve them what they like, in doing so you will find you there is no need to force them to eat.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) features this pancake recipe:

CC Flickr
CC Flickr | Source

Oven-Baked Pancakes

Special tip: For best results, after pouring the batter in the pan, spray the top with vegetable oil to obtain a golden brown color.

3 cups wheat flour

2 Tbsp baking powder

¼ cup sugar (brown or cane sugar is a better choice)

2 tsp salt

2 large fresh eggs or ½ cup whole frozen eggs (4), thawed

¼ cup vegetable oil

3 cups milk, low-fat

  • In a mixing bowl, use a whip attachment on low speed to combine all ingredients for 30 seconds. Scrape the sides of the bowl and mix on medium speed for 1 minute, until batter is smooth.
  • Pour 1 quart 1 cup (2 lb 15 oz) of batter into each lightly greased half-sheet pan (18 inches by 13 inches by 1 inch).
  • To Bake: Conventional Oven: 450° F, 10 minutes Convection Oven: 400° F, 8 minutes Bake until golden brown.
  • Cut each pan into 25 pieces (5 inches by 5 inches).

If you are a single parent with limited maneuvering time and pancakes cannot be a breakfast option then consider the below quick preparing breakfast:

A boiled egg

Milk or yogurt

Toasted wheat bread with peanut butter

A banana or orange juice

3 to 4 mini carrots

During the preparation of bread consider using cookie cutters to serve bread in special shapes. After lightly toasting your child’s favorite bread use the cookie cutter to cut out shapes, butter and then serve. Your kids will love it.

Do you cook for your family more than three times a week?

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CC by Flickr
CC by Flickr | Source

The below chicken recipe can be a great item for lunch or dinner; it is a favorite of many children.

Baked Chicken Nuggets

1½ lb chicken thighs, boneless and skinless

1 cup ready-to-eat cereal, cornflakes, crumbs

1 tsp paprika

½ tsp Italian herb seasoning

¼ tsp garlic powder

¼ tsp onion powder

  • Remove skin and bone; cut thighs into bite-size pieces.
  • Place cornflakes into plastic bag and crush by using a rolling pin.
  • Add remaining ingredients to crushed cornflakes. Close bag tightly and shake until blended.
  • Add a few chicken pieces at a time to crumb mixture. Shake to coat evenly.

Conventional Method

  • Preheat oven to 400° F. Lightly grease a cooking sheet.
  • Place chicken pieces on cooking sheet so they are not touching.
  • Bake until golden brown, about 12-14 minutes.

Note: To remove bone from chicken thighs:

  • Place chicken on cutting board. Remove skin from thighs.
  • Turn the chicken thighs over.
  • Cut around bone and remove it.

To complete the plate serving of your child’s meal below are some simple and easy recommendations.

  • Vegetable: frozen green peas and corn
  • Grain: wheat bread, rice or pasta
  • Fruit: fruit juice or your choice of fruit
  • Dairy: milk or frozen yogurt

As parents who do not like to cook or do not know how to, introduce home cook meals to their children they should gradually present different types of meats, vegetables, fruits, and dairy product to their family. To launch families into trying different dishes begin by involving them in the selection process. If at all possible make trips to farmers’ markets, grocery stores and farms a family outing. Your children will love it.

Not everyone can be a master chef, the good news for parents is that their children do not demand or want such extravagant culinary skills. They do, conversely, want to eat their favorite fast foods which are frequently processed. To change such harmful eating habits, parents can cook simple dishes as illustrated above. In doing so, their children will consume more healthy foods. Moreover, quality family time will increase expedientially as parents and children meet in the kitchen to select and prepare meals. If you are unsure about the appropriate meals to offer your family, check out the CDC’s website for a variety of suggestions on how to select and prepare family meals - Bon Appetit.


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      Yvette Marshall 21 months ago from Houston, Texas

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      I love pancakes but they are a challenge for me even when I bake them. I hope you have better luck with them.

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      Hm, interesting! This oven-baked pancake recipe stole my heart!!