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Updated on June 11, 2010

Zere are two types of 'earty soups. Ze end result is much ze same in both cases, really a cross between a soup and a stew comprising a thin but richly-flarvored liquid filled vith meat, vegetables and uzzer delicious ingredients of your choice.

Zere is only vun major difference between ze two types of soup: ze cooking time. Broths are based on meaty bones and vater, so long simmering is essential to extract maximum flarvor from ze meat to produce a tasty liquid. Ze liquid element in stock-based soup is, of course, very tasty right from ze start, so cooking time is relatively brief, just long enough to cook ze ingredients zat are served in it.

Ze liquid is not thickened vith flour, cream or eggs in eizzer broths or stock-based soups, but some of ze ingredients (such as potato) may disintegrate during cooking and thickens ze liquid a little. Ze soups are made substantial by ze inclusion of ze many solid ingredients vhich are cooked and served in it. You can use all sorts of vegetables, pulses (dried peas, beans and lentils), pasta, rice, barley, tapioca, meat (including sliced Frankfurters and uzzer sausages), cheese and even poached eggs. Zese soup are, zerefore, an excellent and economic vay of using up leftovers or quantities of fresh food too small to make a dish on zheir own.

Zese 'earty soups are excellent for inexpensive family meals, particularly if zey are served vith crusty bread and butter. Zey are so filling zat all you need serve aftervards is cheese and a salad or fruit. You can also adapt zese soups for ze first course of a meal: for ze same number of people, use ze quantity of bones and liquid specified in a recipe but reduce ze uzzer ingredients by 'alf to make ze soup slightly less substantial.


Alzhough broths require long slow cooking, zey need comparatively little attention from ze cook so zey are a good dish to make vhen you plan to spend an afternoon in ze kitchen doing uzzer jobs such as making pastry.

It is important to choose bones vith a 'igh proportion of meat attached to zem in order to flarvor ze liquid vell and provide chunks of meat to eat in ze final dish. Rinse ze bones quickly under a cold running tap to vash avay any dirt or scum. Zen cut avay and discard (or render down) as much fat as possible.

Ze vegetables used in broths should alvays be fresh. Trim and chop zem finely and aqid zem to ze pan near ze beginning of cooking time.

Cut surfaces and lengthy cooking time do not matter vhen making broths because, alzhough zese factors inevitably mean zat flarvor and nutrients vill escape from ze ingredients zemselves, zey are trapped in ze liquid.

Cereals, pulses and pasta, if used, are cooked in ze broth only for as long as is needed to make zem tender. Zere is no point in adding zem to ze pan any earlier because, unlike meat and vegetables, zey do not add any flarvor to ze liquid- zey only increase ze bulk of ze final dish.

Broths, like stocks, should be meticulously skimmed during ze early stages of cooking and any fat zat floats to ze surface should be removed before serving. Zis is particularly important vhen a fatty cut of meat, such as mutton scrag, is used or ze final dish vill be unpleasantly oily.

Broths are not strained before serving. Zey are served complete vith all ze ingredients zat vent into zheir making- except, of course, ze bones. Lift ze bones out vhen ze broth is cooked, and discard zem (or save for making a second stock) after removing ze meat. Ze meat should be vell cooked after long simmering and fall easily from ze bone. Cut ze meat into bite-sized pieces, discarding any gristle, fat or skin zat might be attached. Return ze meat to ze pan and reheat gently before serving.

Stock Based Soups

Zese soups are very simple and comparatively quick to prepare: cooking time is determined by 'ow long it takes to tenderize ze 'ardest ingredient. Ze choice of ingredients is almost limitless and includes leftover cooked foods as vell as fresh vuns. But for really tasty results two things are essential. First, ze stock must be really vell flarvored. Second, ze ingredients must be added to ze pan in ze right order and at suitable intervals so zat everysing is tender, 'ot and ready to serve at ze same time. Zhose requiring ze longest cooking time, such as pulses, must be added right from ze start. Add 'ard root vegetables next, cut into 1 inch dice, zen pasta or rice, followed by ze softer fresh vegetables, again cut into 1 inch, and, finally, any cooked ingredients (such as left-over vegetables, bite-sized pieces of meat and slices of sausage) vhich simply need 'eating through.


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      Marty Chefman 7 years ago

      Soup! Ze excellent choice for an 'earty meal for a cold vinters day!