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South Beach Diet Pancakes

Updated on October 9, 2012

South Beach Diet pancake recipe

This is one of the all-time greatest pancake recipes - why? Because it is a healthy variation og a classic pancake and even a much more delicious one.

The pancakes from The South Beach Diet phase two are so tasty that even your kids will love them and will never notice that they are in fact eating a decent and healthy meal.

You have to try these pancakes and that is why I am posting this recipe.


The South Beach Diet Pancake ingredient list

This is what you need to make easy healthy pancakes.

This is the way I make the beautiful diet-pancakes but do not hesitate trying out new stuff or add-ons to the recipe. As long as you use a non-stick pan for flipping the pancakes the structure allows for a lot of freestyle cooking. If you use a cast iron pan (like i do) be carefull not to stray to much for the standard ingredient list because the pancakes will get very difficult to cook and flip.

Ingredience needed for the healthy pancakes for two persons:

2½ cups of plain oatmeal

½ a cup of cottage cheese

6 egg whites

2 teaspoons of vanilla extract

½ a spoon of cinnamon

½ a spoon of muscat nut

The South Beach Diet Cookbook - The pancake recipe is not the only amazing one in the book

The South Beach Diet Supercharged: Faster Weight Loss and Better Health for Life
The South Beach Diet Supercharged: Faster Weight Loss and Better Health for Life

This the book which taught me about healthy living and got me cooking flavourfull dishes in no time.


The South Beach Diet Pancake how-to

What to do with all the ingredience

Mix all the ingredience together in a food processor into a smooth liquid dough.

If you think your dough is getting to thick (I really like mine nice and thick) you can always add a little milk to the mixture. Be carefull though not to make it to thin because this pancake dough has to be a little thicker than regular pancake dought to work.

Now put it on a hot pan in the sizes you like. The pancakes will work perfect in small treats but will also do brilliant in large sizes.

Do not get frustated if the first few pancakes do not get the colour consitense you want. The pancakes will get better as go along. Start with smaller ones to get most of the dough.

Flip the pancakes when small bubbles show up all over the surface. The first few needs more time than expected so do not flip these to soon.

Crepe pan is very helpfull when making pancakes - And makes the whole process a lot easier


The South Beach Diet Pancakes the final result

You will absolutely love the smell and look of these beautiful pancakes

There are endless ways to decorate the pancakes to the point where everyone at the table cry of joy. Personally I really like my pancakes plain and simple. A little springle of sirup and you will have a whole lotta love on your plate.

Try spicing it up with some mascarpone and some jam. You will go strait to heaven with this combo - I garantee!

Did you not find what you were looking for? - Here's a little to help you to what you might be looking for

What do you think about this recipe? - Feel free to comment anything relevant or leave personal favorite pancake topping combo

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