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33 Mexican and Spanish Restaurant Names

Updated on February 5, 2017

¡Olé, olé, olé! Opening a Spanish restaurant might be the best thing that you have ever done, leaving a huge potential to be successful in the food business in America since there isn’t exactly a Spanish restaurant on every corner like there is McDonalds. Many cities may not even have a Spanish restaurant, or maybe just not a good one, like yours will surely be.

Location, Location, Location!

(¡Ubicación, Ubicación, Ubicación!)

It’s a great idea to start off by researching areas to find where you would have the biggest potential customer base. Searching Google Maps for Mexican or other Latin cuisine eat-in places will help you to determine a good location.

Also, research demographics of the potential areas; if you find a rather upscale area with many people of Latin descent, which also doesn’t have a good Spanish restaurant, this would likely be ideal. You want a location where you will have the most repeat customers.

How to Name Your Business

How to Name Your Business

Brainstorming Tips from the Pros

(Los Profesionales, the professionals)

We know that planning to open any business is a very tough task, and that choosing a name for a business can be even more difficult. We offer you the following tips when it comes to brainstorming Spanish restaurant names:

  • Use popular dishes: There is nothing on this Earth that says “restaurant” in the title more than food items, or the word restaurant, of course. Using popular Spanish food dishes will help people to know on the front end “hey, we serve awesome Spanish food here!”

  • Use your name: If you are of Latin descent and have a name that clearly says it, don’t be afraid to use it on your restaurant! After all, it is your restaurant and everyone should know it!

  • Use the location: Whether you use the country’s name, the state, county, city, town, street or even if you are on a corner of a block, get creative and incorporate that into the name where you see fit. This could help people get to know your location.

  • Use well-known Spanish items: For example, nearly everyone knows what a sombrero is, and that it’s Latin-related. Using Spanish items in the name says a lot without saying much at all.

  • Use Spanglish: This is a clever word equation: Spanish + English = Spanglish. The name doesn’t have to be a completely Spanish name, and incorporating a bit of English in the name may help give the restaurant curb appeal to a larger crowd. “Hey, we serve Spanish food, but we serve it to all.” Embrace your crowd.

  • Use alcohol: Not on the job, of course! In the name. If your restaurant will be serving alcohol, use a popular drink title in the name, such as sangria, margarita, or tequila. This may help to draw in the Friday night crowds who are just looking to go out for a couple of drinks and some appetizers.

For example…

(Por Ejemplo…)

We have put together a list of examples for Spanish restaurant names. Take a look and hopefully you will find just what you are looking for!


Spanish Restaurant Name Ideas

The Tasty Quesadilla
Bigotes y Sombreros
La Placa Caliente
Tequila N' Taquitos
Macho Tacos
El Ranchero
Las Tapas
La Haba Burrito
El Ranchero Baile
La Sangria Sabroso
El Burrito Haba
¡Olé, Olé, Olé!
Los Amigos Restaurante
The Enchilada Man
Restaurante de Mexico
Three Amigos
La Familia Restaurante
Hot Tamales
Burrito Country
Mis Amigos Restaurante
Nacho Queso
Su Vecindario Restaurante
Uno, Dos, Tequila
Tiempo de Salsa
Mas Tequila
Beans N' Rice
Frijoles Picante
Nachos Crujiente

Get Help From Friends and Family

You get the picture. Now that you have a few ideas for names (and feel free to use them), it’s time for you to get thinking about what Spanish restaurant names would suit your soon-to-be restaurant.

Don’t forget to consider the brainstorming tips provided as these will really help in the naming process.

If you feel like you just simply cannot decide on a name, invite some family and friends over for some quesadillas and tequila for some inspiration and listen to their ideas as well.

These people will most definitely be frequenting your restaurant, so why not involve them in choosing the name?

It would be a really good time, and things always get interesting when tequila is involved

¡Hasta luego!


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