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Spicy Soda Drink Recipes

Updated on June 19, 2013

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Spicy soda drink!
Spicy soda drink!

Facts about Soda Water

  • Soda Water is the water made by dissolving carbon dioxide in high pressure into the plain water. It is also known as carbonated water.
  • Soda Water was invented by Joseph Priestley in 1767.
  • Soda Water can ease stomach problems such as indigestion and constipation!

The spiciest Soda Drink Recipe

Drinking spicy soda water is very common among many Indian youngsters in India. I tried this drink during my stay in Delhi in summer few years ago and absolutely loved it. It is made by adding lime juice and some of the delicious and mysterious Indian spices to the soda water.

Drinking spicy soda water is one of the best way cool down the body from the heat of the summer. This drink tastes spicy and sour, and the taste of both is balanced by addition of black salt and sugar syrup. I love to eat and add spices in most of my recipes so that I can escape using too much sugar or fats, such as oil or butter, in my food or drinks.

Below is the recipe to make the cool spicy drink that tastes just like the one that is prepared and sold in the streets of India.

The Recipe for making Masala Soda drink:

Cook Time

Prep time: 5 min
Cook time: 5 min
Ready in: 10 min
Yields: Two 250mls glasses
Some of the ingredients required for spicy soda drink
Some of the ingredients required for spicy soda drink


  • 100 mls water
  • 350 mls soda water
  • A quarter tsp roasted cumin powder
  • A quarter tsp roasted coriander powder
  • A quarter tsp black pepper
  • half a cup of fresh mint
  • A 4-5 cm fresh ginger piece
  • Half a tsp black salt or kala namak, (Found in Indian or Pakistani store- use regular salt if black salt is not available)
  • 1 Fresh Lemon cut into half.
  • 2 tbsp medium strong sugar syrup
Black salt granules (known as kala namak or Sanchal in Hindi language,  and bire noon in Nepali).
Black salt granules (known as kala namak or Sanchal in Hindi language, and bire noon in Nepali).

Facts about Black Salt

Black salt or Kala namak (in Hindi) or Bire noon (in Nepali) is the most commonly used mysterious spice in food of countries such as Pakistan, India and Nepal. Even though it is translated in English as Black salt, it doesn't really look black, it has more of a brownish-dark violet colour. It tastes salty and a bit soury which makes its taste unique from other varieties of salt available around the globe. It has bit of a pungent smell which many may not like. The amazing fact of all is that it has been used in Ayurvedic medicines for generations to heal various ailments such as indigestion and acidity.

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Make the paste of fresh ginger and mint.Squeezing the juice of mint and ginger.
Make the paste of fresh ginger and mint.
Make the paste of fresh ginger and mint.
Squeezing the juice of mint and ginger.
Squeezing the juice of mint and ginger.


  1. Mix the cumin and corriander powder, pepper, salt and water and bring to boil in medium heat and remove the water from the heat (you can choose not to boil this ingredients, just add them in chilled water and mix well).
  2. Strain the water and chill it in the freeze (Skip this step if you are not going to boil the spicy water).
  3. Squeeze the lemon in the chilled water.
  4. Make the paste of mint and ginger and squeeze the juice out of the paste and add it to the chilled water.
  5. Finally, add the spicy water and sugar syrup to the soda and mix well.
  6. Decorate the prepared drink by adding fresh 2-3 mint leaves. It is now ready to be served.

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Preparing soda drink in Indian street shop

chaat Masala (Found in Indian Store)
chaat Masala (Found in Indian Store)

Spicy Soda drink by using only four ingredients.


  • 300 mls of Soda Water.
  • one lemon juice
  • Two tbsp medium strong sugar syrup
  • A tsp of Chaat Masala Powder (found in Indian Stores- Chat Masala powder consists of dried mango powder, black salt, salt, cumin, dry ginger, coriander, black pepper, dry green chilli, citric acid, dry mint leaves, bishop's weed and asafoetida).


Simply mix the soda water and the masala powder and shake it to mix well. Now, it is ready for drink.

Various other ways of making spicy soda water tasty

You can add any other fruit juice such as oranges, sour apple, sour mango, sour pineapple juice to add variety to your drink. Similarly, herbs such as coriander and Basil can be used for a change.

Thank you for reading. Let me know if you like the recipe!


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    • Kathryn Stratford profile image

      Kathryn 5 years ago from Manchester, Connecticut

      That is one of the most interesting drink recipes I've ever seen! I'm not much of a soda drinker, but it sounds like a refreshing drink, and I am curious about what the spices would taste like in a beverage. I think I will try this at some point. I like trying new things!

      Thanks for sharing this!

    • rosika profile image

      rosika 5 years ago

      Thanks for your comment salini...I love the taste of soda mixed with spice and now that you have written comment here, I too feel like making one now too lol!

    • Life Iz Beautiful profile image

      Salini 5 years ago from India

      Lovely recipe.... I am glad you liked the taste of it. As an Indian I love this and we often make it at home and reading this is tempting me to drink one now! so off I go to make some!!!

      Have a nice day ahead.

    • YogaKat profile image

      YogaKat 5 years ago from Oahu Hawaii

      Wow . . . awesome recipe and cultural experience. I love a local juice here called ginger rush. Your recipe is so FULL of incredible nutrients . . . voting up.