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Stacy's Chips

Updated on April 7, 2016

Fantastic Snacks

I first discovered Stacy's chips while I was searching the internet for my name. It was a few years ago, the company was new and was offering free snack bag samples of all of their pita chips. I loved most of them, but found it hard to find this product in the real world. I could only buy them in large city's while visiting my sisters.

Now they're everywhere, but with most things it's always easier with Amazon. You can find more flavors at good prices.

Simply Naked

It's hard to find high quality natural and tasty snacks, which is why I was so lucky to find this twice naked pita chip.

I love, love, love this chip. The Simply Naked Chip is simply yummy and fresh, what I love about these chips is the flavor and they only have a hint of salt. Some of the knock off chips are very salty and the chips seem harder than these.

My other favorite natural snack is homemade popcorn, I use microwave steam cookers, stovetop pot popcorn makers. You can also use a brown paper bag in the microwave, all of these cooking methods can cut down on the chemicals used to make the flavoring in your popcorn. I cook only using coconut oil and sea salt. I do not use organic coconut oil, because it has an actual coconut flavor. I love the taste of coconut oil for popcorn, and I now can't stand the taste of artificial butter or even too even too much butter on my popcorn

Parmesan Garlic & Herb,

I love these chips and though I like the knock offs they have at Aldy, these are better because the garlic is less overwhelming.

When you eat the imitation chips, which are cheaper the flavor that was once tasty stick with you, even after you've brushed, or use gum, it is not going away.

New Chips

Six years have passed since I discovered these all natural snack chips made out of bagels and pitas. Many more items have been added to the product since then. I'm limited to the choices I have in my hometown, but because of how awesome is you can find more chips than ever. I can't wait to try them.

I was shocked the last time I actually ordered these from Amazon they only had the basic ships that were in the six types that were in the sample pack, but now they have so much more. I love garden chips and Italian spices and now they have both of these in two different types of chips.

Tuscan and Soy

Now they even have more types of chips. Including soy and I love soy chips. I also love the flavors of Tuscany and I can't wait until I buy these from Amazon.

Stacy's Pita Chips, Cinnamon Sugar

These Stacy's Pita Chips, in the Cinnamon Sugar flavor taste like the dessert menu at Taco Bell and I love both. They are a hearty snack covered in Cinnamon and sugar, you can skip the cookies and Bear Claws and have these awesome chips with your meal.

Hot and Spicy

Hot and spicy foods are not really for me, but I ate this bag anyway since it came with my free sample pack and if you do like hot things this is the Hot and Spicy chip for you.

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Have you ever tried Stacy's Chips

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Favorite snacks

I'd love to to know what is your favorite snacks healthy or otherwise. Recently I realized that when watching a movie or watching a marathon of my favorite show, I'll eat pretty much all of whatever is in front of me. It doesn't matter if it's popcorn, chips or a plate full of cookies. So I've started to chop up vegetables and fruits and place them on a decorative plate or a nice vegetable tray.

Frozen Greek yogurt can be a good replacement for ice cream.

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    • Stacy Birch profile imageAUTHOR

      Stacy Birch 

      6 years ago

      @anonymous: I had a few with my breakfast this morning.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      A chip named after you, how cool!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      These chips are super tasty - I love 'em! :)


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