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Unique Starbucks Collectibles and Merchandise

Updated on November 29, 2011

Cool Starbucks Gift Ideas, Collectibles, and More Merchandise for Coffee Lovers!

Not only does Starbucks pride itself in its coffee, but they pride themselves in their merchandising. The hundreds of cups, mugs, tumblers, ornaments, and gifts give you plenty to choose from. Seasonally, stores will usually turn over their inventory in favor for new seasonal merchandise to match the current season, and also to compliment the new products offered on their menus. Here, you'll also find cool Starbucks keychains, seasonal collectibles, plush Bearistas, and other unique merchandise that would make the perfect gift for coffee lovers.

Starbucks tumblers
Starbucks tumblers

Coffee Tumblers

Cool plasticware to contain your drinks - hot or cold!

One of the most unique items that Starbucks continually churns out are their line of tumblers. From the BPA free varieties to seasonal drinking cups, their tumblers are durable, look great, and make incredible gifts for coffee lovers.

To change it up, look for seasonal tumblers for Christmas, Halloween, autumn, spring, winter, or summer. Also sort by material (stainless steel) or color through the search.

Shop for the latest Starbucks tumblers below.

Tumblers - Rare and cool coffee tumblers available

Start your own search by clicking through any item.

Starbucks to go cup
Starbucks to go cup

Clear Insulated Starbucks To Go Cups

Reusable iced coffee cups and straw

One of the best selling cups they've ever released is the line of fast moving insulated Starbucks to-go cups. These sturdier replicas of their clear cups are the perfect replacement for your afternoon iced coffee cup. They're a greener alternative, refillable, reusable, and keep your drink colder, longer. The cup itself is dishwasher safe (top rack), and the straw is easily cleaned with a small wire brush. Great for smoothies and milkshakes, too!

There is also a BPA free variety of non-Starbucks themed insulated cups that have the same benefits of the official "To-Go" cup (though it is not made by Starbucks - but just as good, and without the chemicals!).

A BPA Free Variety: - Just like the to-go cups, but with less chemicals

Smart Planet 16-Ounce Double-Wall Plastic Cold-Drink Cup with Reusable Straw
Smart Planet 16-Ounce Double-Wall Plastic Cold-Drink Cup with Reusable Straw

If you've purchased any plastic drinkware or foodware lately, you've no doubt noticed the big icons screaming out "BPA FREE!" What's that all about? BPA is a toxic chemical that may be linked to cancer and growth development issues, so avoiding it can't be a bad thing. This cup doesn't have this chemical, and is a fraction of the cost of the "official" to-go cup.

Starbucks Keychain
Starbucks Keychain

Starbucks Keychains

Featuring the company logo, gift cards and more

Why be stuck fumbling around in your pocket for your keys when you can just grab one of these sturdy keychain rings to organize your key set, while giving you something coffee related to feast your eyes upon every time you start up your car or enter your home! The perfect gift for the Starbucks fanatic that you think already has everything.

Shop for the latest Starbucks keychains below.

Starbucks ornament
Starbucks ornament

Starbucks Christmas Ornaments

Holiday themed cups, lattes, and more

Decorate your tree this year with the familiar face of Starbucks! Offered only seasonally in stores (if you can find them), these great ornaments will look great on your tree. Get them all year round on Ebay if you can't find them or don't have the time to run out and go shopping. Most of these ornaments are usually small replicas of coffee bags or cups, however some really rare ones do turn up from time to time. See the current products being found on Ebay below:

Starbucks Christmas ornaments

Starbucks Bearistas
Starbucks Bearistas

Starbucks Bearista Bears

Cute, cuddly Starbucks Bears merchandise - great gift ideas!

Not only is this a unique gift idea for people who work at Starbucks, it's an adorable gift for people that love this coffee with a passion! There are a few different bears available like the classic bear, Halloween Wolf Bearista Bear, and other unique plush animal characters. To see the entire lineup of bears offered, you won't find them anywhere but on Ebay. Most of these are sold out entirely!

Browse through the current Bearista Bears offered below.

Starbucks K-Cups - Convenience meets excellence: Green Mountain's K-Cups rendezvous with Starbucks coffee

There's something to be said about the freedom of choice. The power to choose what flavor or variety is a pretty empowering feeling. Keurig's K-Cups (made by Green Mountain) are an incredibly convenient, yet undeniably delicious way to enjoy your coffee anytime. Below are some of the most popular brews of Starbucks K-Cups released, including Caffe Verona, Pike's Place, and the classic House Blend.

Keurig Coffee Maker - You'll need one of these to brew up some K-Cups

Keurig B60 Special Edition Brewing System
Keurig B60 Special Edition Brewing System

With this machine, you really can't go wrong. With thousands of online reviews and hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers, Keurig/Green Mountain stand behind their product with a money-back guarantee. With Keurig, you'll not only have the opportunity to enjoy Starbucks K-Cups, but also Green Mountain, Gloria Jean, Timothy's, Pete's, Dunkin' Donuts, and Caribou Coffee. The power of choice feels pretty nice, doesn't it? The machine is relatively cheap in comparison considering how high quality the coffee it brews. Don't take my word for it, though. Click through to start reading the reviews on Amazon right now.


Starbucks Eco Cups

In an effort to help preserve the environment and your health, Starbucks has offered a few different kinds of eco cups like the ones shown to the right. Some are made with recycled plastics, while others are BPA free and have unique eco themed designs. If there's nothing available on the search to the right, try searching for "bpa free cups" instead.

You might also like the Eco Cup offered here as well. This is not an official Starbucks cup, however many people do use it in the morning to get their latte, cappuccino, or hot coffee instead of using a disposable cup.

Starbucks City Mugs

Architect Collection mugs - find your local city!

Launching a wide variety of city themed coffee mugs over the years, Starbucks has created a frenzy of buyer interest in these unique cityscapes. In the mid 2000s, they offered the "Architect Collection" of mugs. These cups were ceramic, or sometimes tumblers, and featured well known cities like Boston, Washington D.C., and Las Vegas. Each of these mugs had a hand-drawn look. Newer styles feature buildings or skylines from the city, states, or countries that they feature, with bold, large text. A great, collectible way to sip your morning coffee! Unfortunately, these sell out fast. A few of these Starbucks City Architect mugs are seen below, available on auction (brand new).

Introducing Eco Cup - (and curb your paper waste - and drink in something sturdier to boot!)

The perfect alternative to paper cups!

Eco Cup w/ Silicone Lid & Sleeve Coffee Tea i am not a paper cup look-a-like white porcelain travel mug (Colors May Vary)
Eco Cup w/ Silicone Lid & Sleeve Coffee Tea i am not a paper cup look-a-like white porcelain travel mug (Colors May Vary)

Reusable, cool, unique cup with a silicone lid. Keeps your coffee really warm, too! The Eco Cup has many uses, including hot coffee, cappuccinos, lattes, and hot chocolates. Since it's reusable, you might save a few cents on every cup (Starbucks credits you for bringing your own cup, which will add up), while the design keeps the drink hotter for longer periods of time. The cup is also much sturdier, so it won't buckle.


What Other Gift Ideas Are Out There?

Ebay without question has the coolest Starbucks merchandise available anywhere. New, old, rare, and discounted, you can also find tote bags, tees, sauces, syrups, gift cards, coffee makers, and other cool collectibles.

Starbucks Architect City Mugs
Starbucks Architect City Mugs
Starbucks halloween
Starbucks halloween

Seasonal Mugs for Halloween

See the selection above

Like most retailers, Starbucks has capitalized on the popularity of Halloween, only to be met again with a clamoring for these coffee mugs and Halloween items. They sell out fast, and can be found on Ebay just as soon as they are released. If you really like something and you see it in a store, pick it up, because there's no telling how long it will last. If you can't find it, look on Ebay, because there are thousands of different mugs available for sale every week. Here are a few of the Halloween mugs for sale above.

Special thanks to Glenn Waters for this cool Starbucks mugs photo, which is licensed under Creative Commons 2.0.

What's The Coolest Piece of Starbucks Merchandise You've Come Across? - Recommend a type of mug, keychain, tee, or other collectible item here!

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      I have a mug with Doonesbury siting on the rim with his surfboard

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      Cool lens, thank you

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      One of my favorites was the cool copper mermaid insulated travel cup they had for their birthday!