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Stop Freezer Burn with Seal-a-Meal

Updated on January 22, 2014

My freezer used to be a vast wasteland with unrecognizable foods covered with ice crystals filling all the space. None of it looked like anything the family would want to eat, so I'd push it back into the freezer and make a trip to the store for something fresh.

My husband loves gadgets, so he was the first one to propose getting a Seal-a-Meal. I figured it was just one more over-hyped appliance to clutter up our kitchen, but was willing to give it a try.

Every few months, we head to Sam's Club or to BJ's to stock up on the great meat buys available there. The cuts seem better than we can find at our local stores.

How It Works

Once we get all that meat home, I bring out the Seal-a-Meal. We set aside a few days worth of meat to cook fresh, then start sealing up the rest of it for the freezer.

We have a team effort going. He's the grilling expert in the household, so he chooses the pieces and places them in the bags I've cut and sealed one end in the needed size. After sealing up the final side, using the machine, I write the name of the meat cut on the plastic.

The Seal-a-Meal works by sucking all the air out of the stiff plastic bag and heat sealing it closed. The freezer burn that we used to experience was from the air inside the container or bag. That no longer is a problem.

Meal Planning Is Easier

The freezer is now my friend when I'm planning meals. The sealed and labeled parcels are stacked in baskets and I can easily chose between chicken breasts or pork loin or hamburger. It's safely preserved and not covered in ice crystals. It's ready to thaw and cook.

How You'll Save $$

We find ourselves eating out less often which is a real savings. I'm not throwing out freezer-burned mystery meats any longer. The Seal-a-Meal has really paid for itself and earned its space in my kitchen. Actually it doesn't take as much room as I feared. The sealer and the bag cutter fit nicely into the drawer with the aluminum foil and other wraps.

What You Need to Use the Seal-a-Meal

Keep a good supply of the rolls or bags on hand so you don't run out as you prepare your meat for the deep freeze. We usually get the rolls as they cost less. It doesn't take long to cut off the length you want and to seal the one end. Put the meat or other food into the bag and seal it.

More about the Seal A Meal

Reviews and tips for using one. I always like seeing a video on how a product works. Guess I'm a visual learner.

You'll see how easy it is to use.

How's Your Freezer?

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    • Virginia Allain profile image

      Virginia Allain 3 years ago from Central Florida

      @gottaloveit2: What a great way to use a vacuum sealer. I bet your folks really appreciated it.

    • gottaloveit2 profile image

      gottaloveit2 3 years ago

      I used my vacuum sealer almost full time when my folks were alive. I'd fly to AZ every 6 weeks and spend the weekend cooking - I'd freeze whole dinner plates. I'd also freeze meal packets like shrimp scampi on one side of a bag and cooked pasta on the other. The things are tremendous.

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