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The Sunbeam Cornelius Popcorn Maker: A Review

Updated on September 29, 2014

If you need quick, easy and healthy popcorn, this is for you!

Do you always burn your popcorn? I do! and so did my flatmates, and guests and anyone we let into the kitchen to try and make popcorn. Until one day, I stumbled over the Sunbeam Cornelius Popcorn Maker. And now I make perfect popcorn, within a couple of minutes. Every single time. It really, really impresses people!

I always filed one trick gadgets under 'unnecessary', but it was affordable, easy to move around and hide in a cupboard, well designed and ... well, it works! And if you can't cook popcorn without burning it, it's hardly unnecessary.

It's great because it cooks the popcorn very quickly, very cleanly (no clean up!), and without any oil or anything else (so very healthy, and ready to add anything you like to - or use in further popcorn creations!).

How do you like it? Plain, salted, spicy, chocolate covered?

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Popcorn Makers Under $50 on Amazon - You can't buy the Cornelius Sunbeam popcorn maker outside of Australasia.but here are some great alternatives

The Cornelius Sunbeam popcorn maker
The Cornelius Sunbeam popcorn maker

How Do You Use It?

How do you make popcorn in the Sunbeam Cornelius Popcorn Maker?


  1. Plug it in and stand it somewhere secure, with a bit of space around it (it will get hot).

  2. Find a large bowl and put that under the spout. One cup of corn will make a giant heap of popcorn.

  3. Measure out one scoop (or two) of popcorn and pour it in. Close the lid!

  4. Turn it on and wait.

  5. Within a couple of minutes, it will start spitting out popcorn!

  6. Don't let it run more than five minutes. When the corn stops popping, turn it off.

  7. There may be a few unpopped kernels and maybe some popped ones inside still - it depends on the corn you use. Be smart, and don't empty them into the popcorn bowl. (Yes, this is the first thing everyone does - including me!)

  8. Eat your popcorn!

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The on/off button for the Cornelius Sunbeam popcorn maker
The on/off button for the Cornelius Sunbeam popcorn maker

How Does It Work?

What does the Sunbeam actually DO?

The Sunbeam popcorn maker has a separate compartment inside that spins around as it heats up. It also blows a steady current of hot air up through the funnel.

This means that the popcorn is constantly moving, so heats evenly, and as soon as it pops, it is blown up and out into the waiting bowl (or the floor, if you didn't use a big enough bowl!).

That basically it. The Cornelius Sunbeam popcorn maker is a very simple device. It has a single on/off button, and a power cable. It comes with a scoop which can be used for measuring out popcorn and also for melting butter by sitting it on top of the funnel.

Pros and Cons

What are the drawbacks of this popcorn maker?

  • It does get hot. The base is always safe to touch, but the top half can be pretty hot.

  • You can't add butter or anything while it's popping, you have to add it to the popcorn afterwards.

  • Sometimes the popcorn gets a bit overexcited and flies out across the kitchen, or the kernels jump out before they have popped, and then pop in the bowl, sending a mini explosion of popcorn into the air.

  • The melting butter in the scoop option doesn't really work well.

  • You can only make one to two scoops of popcorn at a time. Though this is quite a lot!

What it does, and does well, is make plain popcorn very quickly and very easily.

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Would You Rather Use A Popcorn Maker? - Or would you just make it on the stove?

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