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Sunflower Seed Flavors

Updated on June 25, 2012

All About Crazy Flavored Sunflower Seeds

There are tons of crazy different flavors for the tasty delights - Take a look at some of the flavors below that you may have never heard of!

Beer baked




Salt and Vinegar

Salt and Pepper



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Tasty Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds have shown their worthiness as a nutritious and tasty treat in their plain form. Those simple original salted sunflower seeds possess many more tasty siblings. Who knew that sunflower seed flavors could be as various and appetizing as their potato chip challengers? In fact, sunflower seeds could be the supreme snack given that they are deliciously healthy. You can satisfy your hungers many different foods such as pickles and hot wings or even nachos with no added calories with sunflower seeds. These kinds of varied sunflower seed flavors are absolutely lip smacking excellent.

Another great 'meal-like' partnering may be the fiery mixture of hot nacho sunflower seeds and jalapeño sunflower seeds. This is for the bold or wild at heart - mainly as your mouth is going to be on fire. In case you value the preservation of your taste buds from the fiery Capsaicin, it might be a good idea to consume these separately. Be sure to keep a fire extinguisher on hand to eat the entire bottle in one sitting. A different way to add spice to your daily diet with these exciting flavors would be to pair all of them with a real meal. Dill pickle sunflower seeds can be exceptional with a pastrami sub. Snatching a bottle of pickles is not a terribly wise lunchtime option as it's sloppy and can potentially spill over the office. Dill pickle sunflower seeds on the other hand, aren't juicy and have that fully pungent flavoring packed away on those little seeds. Also if you are searching to ward off vampires or simply people in general, then slip garlic roast sunflower seeds in an unusual Caesar salad or have them handy inside your designer purse.

The options are pretty much limitless for the diverse matches and pairings of these flavors. You don't have to consume these types of sunflower seeds with each other since they're just as delicious on their own. Now, if these types of flavors have sounded unnatural or revolting to you, keep in mind that the original salted sunflower seeds are also available. You probably can not fail with sunflower seeds, especially when they are not just filled with flavor but also with essential nutrients. Did you now that these seeds tend to be brimming with vitamins, nutrients, nourishing oils and protein? So go ahead, begin chewing and spitting on your path to your happiness.

Sunflower Seeds

Serving Ideas

Sunflower seeds are used plain or roasted, whole, chopped, ground or sprouted. They increase the nutritional value and fat content of dishes, making them higher in energy. Whole sunflower seeds are added to salads, stuffings, sauces, vegetables, cakes and yogurts. Ground sunflower seeds are combined with flour to make crepes, cookies and cakes.

The floral buds of the sunflower can be eaten like artichokes.


Sunflower seeds can be hulled in a seed mill or an electric blender.

In a seed mill: pass the seeds through the largest opening, most of the hulls should open. To get rid of the hulls, immerse the whole mixture in cold water; the hulls will float and can be removed easily. Drain the seeds quickly, then dry them.

In a blender: process a small amount of seeds at a time and activate the blender for a few seconds; then separate the seeds from the hulls using the flotation method outlined above.


At room temperature: keep sunflower seeds in a cool and dry place.

In the fridge: hulled, ground, chopped or as a butter.

In the freezer: 1 year.


The seeds can be roasted at home.

Sautéed: over medium heat, stirring constantly (not necessary to add oil).

In the oven: at 300°F-350°F (150°C-175°C), stirring them from time to time.

The seeds can be coated with a small amount of oil after cooking to make salt stick to the seeds.

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    • dahlia369 profile image

      dahlia369 6 years ago

      And when not used in recipes, sunflower seeds are perfect as something to munch on. Nice lens! :)

    • profile image

      jthomasg07 6 years ago

      Great lens!! I've had a few of these and I didn't regret it.

    • miriamjimenez profile image

      miriamjimenez 7 years ago

      I will try using this as part of my recipes. Tried this before in salad.

    • miriamjimenez profile image

      miriamjimenez 7 years ago

      I will try using this as part of my recipes. Tried this before in salad.

    • chrissuard lm profile image

      chrissuard lm 7 years ago

      Who knew there were so many flavors, nice lens! Blessed by a Squid Angel!