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Supermarket Savings Tips

Updated on October 22, 2012

13 ways to save at the supermarket

Considering the gradually increasing prices for everyday use commodities, it is pretty obvious that grocery items too have become expensive. Since food bought from these stores is an inseparable part of our diet, it is high time that we give a little more thought into purchasing them optimally. Let us have a discussion on ten ways to save money at a grocery store.

List of Supermarket Saving Tips

With these magic mantra in mind, all of us can put a healthy cap on the amount of money we spend on our grocery shopping.

  1. Set Your List Prior To The Store Visit

    Avoiding impulse shopping is the best thing that you can do to adhere to your budget while shopping for grocery. Prepare the list of necessary items and make sure that you buy only those. Resist yourself from picking anything and everything that you spot on the stands and which catches your fancy. Even if you are an experiment-loving person, do not venture into it if it mars your budget in a big way.

  2. Avoid Hungry Shopping

    It has been widely observed that if one hits a grocery store with a hungry stomach, an astonishingly high number of items on the stands would appear tempting. Amusing, but true. So, do make sure that you don't go grocery shopping when you are dying with hungry.

  3. Shop for Grocery Alone

    Most women have the habit of taking kids along with them for a grocery store visit! As much fun as it may sound, children can be quite successful budget busters. Therefore, make it a point to shop for grocery all on your own.

  4. Choose Small Shopping Carts

    It might have a subtle psychological angle as well, but people do have a tendency to fill in their shopping carts. Hence, always try to opt for a shopping cart which would approximately fit your requirements.

  5. Collect Coupons

    A budget-minded shopper would always make it a point to collect coupons on double or triple coupon days and utilize them wisely at a grocery store.

  6. Get Loyalty or Discount Cards

    If you shop mostly from the same shop, do make it a point to fill up the form and get their loyalty cards. These cards will be big enhancers to your budget plans.

  7. Checkout Soon After You Have Finished

    A wandering eye is a problem that we all have after we are done with the necessary shopping. Do make it a point to avoid it and head straight to the checkout register soon after you are done.

  8. Buy Generic Products

    One thing that every grocery shopper should keep in mind is to be shop from store brands rather than name-brands. Store brands most often have discounts up to 50% and will benefit you largely in the long run.

  9. Take a Pre-Shopping Trip

    A wise pre-shopping trip can avoid unnecessary expenses. There could be commodities that you could use to create another one. By making sure that you do not have any such stuff in your shopping list, you are all set.

  10. Be Calculative

    Do verify before picking up any item that its price has not risen from the previous time you bought it. Picking things without checking prices can end up in shopping disasters as many of us won't dare to keep things back after it is billed.

  11. Be careful of the checkout areas. While waiting in line there are many impulse products to temp you. Try to avoid it and not even look.
  12. Don't shop when you are in a hurry. You tend to buy expensive items and items you don't need.
  13. Be wary of sales items. It's not a good deal if you don't need it. Don't buy something thinking you will need it.

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Does buying economical size food really save you money? - It may seem as a obvious yes but that might not be true

When you buy more quantity of a product you save on the cost but do you really save on the long run? Some of use end up throwing it out or end up eating more than we would. What do you think?

Does buying economical size food really save you money?

Yes - if you factor everything in you will still save money

Yes - if you factor everything in you will still save money

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    No - It's a trick, we end up spending more

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      What's your tip for saving money at the supermarket?

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        • juzd lm profile image

          juzd lm 5 years ago

          Love the tips!

        • profile image

          makeupbeauty 5 years ago

          I always look at the sales flyer and stock up on sales items.