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Smörgåsbord the Swedish way

Updated on March 11, 2015

An abundance of food

The Swedish Smorgasbord is world famous. It is a rich way of offering a meal. Many restaurants have this feature especially around Christmas time.

This lens will present the Swedish smorgasbord on the ferries cruising between Sweden and Finland, Aland and Estonia. They go regular traffic and they usually have the most amazing smorgasbord you can imagine.

You have to book it ahead of time. The drinks are often not included but you have lots of time to sit down and eat for hours from these many displayed dishes with food. I have been here a couple of times and I know from experience that you just have to eat slowly and pick carefully. The eye wants to have more but the belly says enough eventually.

Tips for the guest

I found these really good tips for a smorgasbord guest:

1 - Go around the table first and make an attack plan. Browse and choose what is not important already from the beginning.

2 - D not clutter your plate with food. Have fish on one dish and meat on another. Then remember to go and get more food MANY times!

3 - Do not be concerned about the price of the food. If you do not like some food that you know is expensive do not take it. Do not eat only because you have the chance.

4 - Switch plate and cutlery OFTEN between turns

5 - Take a last turn of what you liked the most. Nothing stops you from eating mustard herring after you finished your chocolate cake =)

When I had smorgasbord together with my children, they chose to eat anchovy and mashed potato with meat balls. But it was their choice - they were happy!

Make your own Swedish smorgasbord

Here are some books for you who want to try this way of eating. I can assure you that it is going to be popular!

Get some The Go Plates!

Click on this link to read more about these party savers:

Smart To go plates

If it is a bottle, push it through the top opening. It is now secure for eating off the plate. Lift plate off to drink, replace, repeat until you are full.

If it is a can, take your free hand, and push the plate cone down until the can meets the underneath side of the cone opening. It is now secure for eating off the plate. To drink, twist the can and the plate in opposite directions to lift the plate off the can.

If is it a cup, carefully rest the plate on the cup, securing the top lip of the cup in one of 3 sets of ridges under the cone meant to provide a point to balance the plate on the cup. Push to snap into place for more stable eating. Unsnap to drink, replace plate, repeat until you are full.

The floating restaurants

with hotel included

There are many line traffic the Baltic see between countries. The two biggest ones are Silja Line and Viking line. They always offer a perfect smorgasbord for dinner!

They are like floating suburbs. There are so many shops, cafés and restaurants available. Here are pubs, dance floors and bars with a fantastic view. You can swim in the Cruise ships pool or go to the sauna if you like. Jacuzzis and childrens rooms. Anything you need is here.

These ferries - or cruise ships - take cars too. And here are many really lovely rooms to rent. Since some of the cruises last over 24 hours you will need a nap after dinner.

A restaurant that offers you to stay overnight

and have breakfast the next morning

The breakfast is served in good time before the Ship comes to the destination. Here is also an abundance of choices as on a nice Hotel.

Some people just stay on the ferry and go back to the start again. I have done that on most of my trips. If you are tourist in Scandinavia, you must bring your passport!

I remember one time when I left the ferry to do a couple of hours sightseeing and shopping and then came back to go home again. Another time I stayed on board reading a book because it was raining.

It is your choice and anything you want is your ok.

The Baltic sea

The Baltic sea
The Baltic sea

Viking Line smorgasbord menu - remember - this is just on board ONE of the cruise ships

There is always different kinds of potato, rice or nudles. There are many choices of bread and cheeze and hering (sill) and on top of that this is how it can look:

Pieces of Gravadlax, maître d´hotel sauce (G, L)

Pieces of smoked salmon, dill mayonnaise (G)

Warm smoked salmon (G, L)

Charcoal grilled vendace marinated with juniper berries (G, L)

Mousse of vegetarian caviar and seafood

White fish roe (G, L)

Vegetarian caviar (G, L, V)

Low lactose sour cream (G)

Shrimps (G, L)

Country side paté

Smoked turkey breast (G, L)

Omelette stuffed with game mousse

Herb marinated lamb steak, mint jelly (G, L)

Beef pastrami (G, L)

Traditional potato salad (G, V)

Vegetable salad (G, V)

Egg halves (G)

Lemon wedges (G, L, V)

Pickled cucumber, pickled beetroot (G, L, V)

Rhode Island dressing

(L) lactose free

(G) gluten free

(V) vegetarian

The prices for their smorgasbord are really not high!

The comfort on board is excellent and the view outside the trip is stunning!

Eckero line

Food recommendations

In the buffet restaurant you can enjoy the popular smorgasbord à la Ãland while exploring the view of the archipelago through windows on every side of the restaurant. Start your dinner at the "cold buffet" and choose from a wide range of smoked fish, pickled herrings, and salads. Then move on to the "warm buffet" with delicious fish, poultry, and meat dishes. Round things off at the dessert table with spicy cheeses and a smooth chocolate mousse.

The Favourite of the Chefs - the Game Buffet!

In late autumn, the Ãland smorgasbord is moved aside to give room for a Game Buffet with several delicious elk, roedeer, and wild duck dishes, for instance.

From mid-November until Christmas, they serve the popular Christmas Buffet. Here you will find everything that a proper Ãland Christmas dinner must include! Taste, for instance, the carrot and rutabaga casseroles - probably not seen at your usual Christmas dinner but a must for everyone on the Ãland Islands!

Silja line Cinderella and Serenade

Silja Sympony+Silja Serenade are two beautiful sisterships and is owned by "Silja Line" On this Video is the Technical information

Here is also some really beautiful photos from the interior

Silja line

With a fleet of 21 vessels Tallink and Silja Line offer passengers access to the entire Baltic Sea Region. Routes connect all year round Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Germany. Route MapTallink Silja is the leading passenger and cargo shipping company in the Baltic, offering its customers high-quality passenger and cargo transport and experiences at sea.

Services range from high class cruises to fast and more affordable crossings and from adventurous holiday experiences to professional business travel services. In addition to passengers, the ships carry cars, busses and cargo. The unique sea voyage experience begins as soon as you step on board a Tallink or Silja Line one way or cruise voyage: endless possibilities for entertainment and recreation, excellent restaurants, spacious and comfortable cabins and advantageous shopping are all contributing to a memorable trip.

The trip has a scenery that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The archipelagoes around the Baltic see.

The comfort is fantastic on board these modern cruise ships. Every trip they serve SMORGASBORD! So what say you - are you coming? =)

Go on a cruise you too!

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    • profile image

      Lynn Klobuchar 4 years ago


    • SayGuddaycom profile image

      SayGuddaycom 5 years ago

      I wish I had the power to give this lens a purple star but I can feature it on

    • jlshernandez profile image

      jlshernandez 6 years ago

      Finally, I have come across a reall smorgasbord, Swedish style. It is similar to the buffets I have been to, but more lavish. Thanks for the tips and etiquette.

    • profile image

      SandyPeaks 6 years ago

      Loks delicious - I hope to try this one day! Blessed by a SquidAngel.

    • profile image

      LOLteez 7 years ago

      Wow, this food looks so good! Thanks for sharing!

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      All this mention of food makes me hungry. It looks really delicious, I hope I get a chance for a world tour to taste all these authentic cuisines.

    • CCGAL profile image

      CCGAL 7 years ago

      When I was young, we used to go to a Smorgasbord restaurant in Ukiah, CA, called Fjiords. I loved their glazed chicken wings and corn muffins. They are not there any longer, and I don't know if any of the food was really Swedish, but I think it might have been. I've never been on a cruise, but I would enjoy one. I think the smorgasbords shown here are quite delicious looking.

    • LouisaDembul profile image

      LouisaDembul 7 years ago

      It has been ages since I went on one of these ships. Wow, do I miss it! You are right, the smorgasbord is one of its kind. You really get to try everything that is good about Swedish cuisine. as well as some international! I am really hungry now after reading this lens, which is a sign of a good lens!

    • piedromolinero profile image

      piedromolinero 7 years ago

      Awesome, it looks so delicious. You got me already with the second picture. Now I am craving for some smorgasbord; and definitely with köttbullar.

    • FanfrelucheHubs profile image

      Nathalie Roy 7 years ago from France (Canadian expat)

      I would give anything to have a nice piece of Swedish Dill Salmon (Gravlax). I tried making it, but never managed to make it as good as the one I had years ago in a restaurant. I think I should let it marinate longer. Anyway now I am hungry

    • profile image

      Andy-Po 8 years ago

      Excellent lens. Reminds me of my time in Scandinavia. I took the Viking line to Helsinki for a business trip, from Stockholm, where I was living at the time. I sat in the sauna looking out across the ice at the boat cracked it's way through the frozen sea. Quite surreal.

    • verymary profile image

      Mary 8 years ago from Chicago area

      I have had an "authentic" smorgasbord meal, but only when I was a child and not mature enough yet to fully appreciate it. Another try would be great! Nice lens, 5*

    • SandyMertens profile image

      Sandy Mertens 8 years ago from Frozen Tundra

      Looks like a fantastic place to dine.

    • PromptWriter profile image

      Moe Wood 8 years ago from Eastern Ontario

      I love the idea of boating while you eat. Sounds lovely.

    • AlisonMeacham profile image

      AlisonMeacham 8 years ago

      I love smörgåsbord. There used to be a really good restaurant in Disney's Ecpot which serve it - but unfortunately they completely changed it to be a Princess themed restaurant!

      Angel Blessings for an excellent lens.

    • profile image

      bdkz 8 years ago

      Boy that looks good!

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      Looks like great dining!

    • RuthCoffee profile image

      Ruth Coffee 8 years ago from Zionsville, Indiana

      Sounds like a fantastic meal!

    • aka-rms profile image

      Robin S 8 years ago from USA

      When I was a girl we used to eat at a restaurant called, The Royal Viking, that served a Smörgåsbord. Very, very good!

    • GramaBarb profile image

      GramaBarb 8 years ago from Vancouver

      Your sm�rg�sbord made me hungry and brought back memories of my grandmothers Swedish sil salad! She always included that dish when she put together a sm�rg�sbord.